The Use of Trends When Football Betting


When you look into football betting strategies, you will likely come across many conflicting opinions. This could make it challenging, especially for beginners. So, how will you know the right strategy in a matter that even the experts have not agreed? If you usually place your bets on Betway South Africa online sports betting, you know that there isn’t a right or wrong way to approach football betting. There are certain crucial things you must do and some that you must avoid. 

In this piece, you will learn how to use trends effectively to bet on football. You will learn the different types of trends and guide you in determining the value of trends. Besides that, you will learn about some valuable trends. 

Types of Football Trends

It is essential to remember that there are several football trends. Moreover, there is no official way to categorize the trends. However, you can put them in two main categories:

Situational Trends

Situational trends are usually based on specific circumstances. To identify these trends, you must study past results. This will help you discover patterns that link performances and results to certain situations. 

To get the best benefit from these trends, it is best to perform some comprehensive research. The main goal is to unearth information that can help you discover how likely the teams will perform. 

Betting Trends

Betting trends usually are based on the amount of money being wagered with bookmakers and betting websites. There are trends on betting sites like Betway that help you discover the following: 

  • What the majority are betting on. Knowing where most bettors are putting their money helps you in the contrarian betting strategy. 
  • Where the smart money is going, it is probably wiser to follow the smart money. However, it is challenging to find out where the smart money is going. 

These trends can be helpful when you are betting on football. However, you should not follow them blindly in isolation of other factors. It would help if you used the trends to support the assessment and judgment you make based on other factors. 

The value of football trends

So, how do you assess the value of a trend? Well, there isn’t a specific calculation you can use to measure the value of trends and patterns. Moreover, you cannot state the value of a particular trend. All you can do is use your judgment and attempt to make the most accurate assessment. 

There are three main factors you must know that affect the value of a trend including: 

  • Relevancy
  • Validity vs. Anomaly
  • History and Sample size  

Trends and patterns to consider

In this section, you will learn some trends and patterns you should study. They are not anything new, but they can help you make good betting choices in the right circumstances. 

Some notable trends include: 

  • Home underdog trends
  • Coaching trends
  • First Half scoring trends
  • Bounce back trends
  • Bye week trends
  • Sharp line moves

Final Thoughts

Trends and patterns are critical in football betting. This piece has introduced you to some critical information concerning using trends in football betting. However, it would help if you did not make your betting decisions based on trends only. Use them in conjunction with other factors. 



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