Insurance Hack – How to Acquire Cheap Car Insurance Quotes


Customers have developed an urge in researching on best ways to get cheap car insurance. John Duckett, a car insurance expert, has come up with various ways to get cheap insurance for your car below.

#1. Compare Car Insurance Agencies

Nowadays it is not hard to find affordable car insurance companies, because they are now located all over the country and some are available online. Now you have more options than before, however, it becomes an issue to select the best one which will give you affordable rates and maintain the exact amount of coverage you need.

Comparing car insurance should be the first thing you take a further step of going or calling the agencies and don’t forget o take note regarding their prices.

Secord step is visiting insurance sites find out your car insurance option for comparison as well don’t forget to take notes.

Friends and family can recommend or warn you about other agencies have taken notes of the three steps you will be able to make a good decision.

#2. Age Factor

The age factor is considered as an important factor for setting the price of your insurance premium. Premium is lowered once a young driver reaches 25 years with discounts that sometimes could be as high as 20#, though these happen after they have considered some factors such as marital status and drivers record . Age 25-55 is considered to be amongst the safest drivers.

#3. Location Or Home Address

Insurance agents will determine your car insurance depending on the location of your home and where you drive through when going to work. When you leave and park your car in a wealthy community, cases of theft and damages will be minimal compared to an insecure and undeveloped community.

#4. Type And Model Of Your Car

The type and mode of your car will be used by the insurers to be able to determine how much you will be paying your car insurance. Owners of sports cars and luxury cars tend to pay more premium compared to most other drivers.

Buying old or used cars is cheaper compared to brand new cars but you might end up paying more premium.

#5. Increase In Excess

When you increase your excess you are likely to pay less premium. It is essential to know that the higher you pay your excess the less you will have to pay for your coverage. These could be a good deal if you have a clean driving record, and you have no case of accidents.

#6. Choose One Insurance Company To Handle All Your Policies

If you have more than one insure handling different policies could be expensive or you might end up double paying. Choose one insurance that can handle all your policies this can eliminate a number of hassles, can also minimize the amount you are paying for insurance every month.

#7. Look For Multiple Car Discounts

Owning more than one car could play to your advantage once you have placed them under the same insurer. Other benefits include less paper mail being sent and reduction of your premiums each month.

You can further reduce your premiums if you also add multiple drivers.

#8.The Practice of Loyalty

Many of the car insurance is now rewarding their clients by reducing their premiums.

When you have found an insurance company that offers the amount of courage you were in need off, develop a relationship with them by these I mean paying your premiums on or before the due date every month. These will help you avoid additional fines or charges.

#9.Have A Clean Driving Record

Your first accident may result in an increase of 40% to your monthly have to drive safely so as to keep your monthly premium as low as possible. the most insurance company offers a discount on safe driving and a clean driving record. However, you have to ask the agents if at all you know you have a clean driving record.


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