Benefits of Epoxy Flooring


Floors are one of the most important, yet often discounted, elements of any residential, commercial, or industrial space. Not only that the floors add an aesthetic element to your area, these also ensure your safety and improve the productivity of your day-to-day tasks. As such, it is a must that you opt for a flooring solution that can withstand the hustle and bustle of your space’s daily activities. One of the sought after flooring solutions is epoxy flooring. This incredible surface gives tons of benefits, which is why more people are ditching the old flooring system of their residences and business, and switching to epoxy flooring.

Before we go over what epoxy flooring can do for your space, let us first address the most important aspect. A lot of people have the impression that epoxy flooring are only used in mechanic shops and garages. There’s no truth to that. In fact, epoxy floors are so versatile that you can use them anywhere! May it be for residential polished concrete or interior flooring; epoxy flooring gets its job done.

Here are more reasons why you should switch to epoxy flooring.


It is durable.

One of the greatest advantages of epoxy flooring is that it can endure the wear and tear caused by strenuous activities. It is tougher and lasts longer than conventional flooring systems. Compared to concrete, epoxy flooring does not crack or chip easily. Thus, one would not have to worry about cracks or chips when dropping something heavy. In addition, epoxy flooring can withstand most stains.


It is easy to maintain.

Cleaning and maintaining an epoxy interior floor is a simple process. Due to its resin and glossy finish, almost all substances or liquid that spilled over can be mopped and wiped with ease. There is no need to be overly concerned about causing unsightly blotches on the floor when something is spilt.

The seamless nature of the epoxy resin floor installation also prevents mould and bacteria from growing and thriving in the nooks and crannies of the floor, making it hygienic and free from allergens.


It is unique and impressive.

An epoxy flooring system can add aesthetic value to your space as it comes in a multitude of colours and finishes and can be arranged in a variety of patterns and designs.


It is economical.

Unlike traditional flooring options such as tiles, hardwood, laminate and vinyl, epoxy is a more economical alternative. Installing an epoxy flooring system is very affordable, not to mention that it can withstand the test of time. In addition, it does not require polishing or special cleaning methods. Stains and dirt are easily managed by simply mopping the floor with clean water and in case of oily dirt on the floor, some detergent.


It is slip-resistant.

Epoxy flooring is impervious to moisture; thus, reducing the risks of slip and fall accidents. When a slip-resistant additive is added to the epoxy it will ensure the safety of your family, customers and staff.

If you are interested in an epoxy flooring installation, you should consult with professionals who will give you your money’s worth. CTW Construction Group offer excellent customer service and quality work. Contact us today to get a FREE quote!


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