I love the grind: US Open second round leader Reed


American golfer Patrick Reed says he enjoys grinding his way through a difficult golf course.

Friday’s second round of the US Open at Winged Foot gave Reed the challenge he craves.

Reed shows resilience

The 2018 Masters winner four times answered a bogey by making a birdie within two holes on Friday. 

Reed only found five fairways but blasted out of deep rough and bunkers to rescue pars and to give himself birdie chances on a course he says sets up well for him.

“It’s just because I love the grind,” Reed said. “I love getting in there. I love when it’s hard, when you have to be creative on all different golf shots.”

Reed says that he thrives on engagement with a tricky course and at the par-4 first hole he chose to bounce an eight iron onto the green instead of risk landing a nine iron shot on a slopey green.

“Try to bounce it up there,” Reed said. “Kind of using my eyes and being more creative rather than sit there and aim and shoot.

“You’re out there attacking the golf course. This golf course you have to think about every little thing off of tee shots, iron shots, putts, everything,” Reed said.

US Open drawing players in

Reed says that the Winged Foot draws you into the battle and takes some of the social element out of the game which he thrives on and some would argue that’s how a major should be.

“You don’t really hang out with the guys,” Reed said. “You’re too busy trying to figure out where you’re trying to play this course and kind of put it together like a puzzle.

“There’s not as much talking going on at the US Open as there is other golf tournaments because it’s a premium on every single golf shot. You let up once and you’re going to make a mess of the golf course.”

In an ominous declaration Reed felt he was a little bit off his game on Friday.

“Any time you play in the US Open, you know that you’re going to have one of those days that things just aren’t quite going your way,” Reed said. “I felt like today was that day.

“I felt like I left a decent amount of shots out there, felt like I was a little loose with some shots off the tee and also irons, and to be able to feel like that and come out and shoot even par, it’s definitely a positive and makes you feel good going into the weekend.”

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