Top Job Listing Sites In Nigeria


 Getting yourself listed on the jobs boards in Nigeria can be a good way to begin your job hunt. In this article, I have shared with you the top 5 job listing sites in Nigeria.

It is more obvious than ever that the number of available jobs in Nigeria outweighs the number of people seeking jobs. Therefore, if you must get a job, you must not just stand out in the skills you have, but you must also take certain unique steps. Now, read along to learn those job posting sites from which you can be recruited for jobs.


Jobberman ( is a popular job portal that was established in August 2009 by Olalekun Olude, Ayodeji Adewunmi, and Opeyemi Awoyemi. Since it was founded, it has continued to grow up to the point that it is recognized as one of the best and largest job boards in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa at large.

Jobberman do not just make it easy for employers and employees to meet; they train employees and make sure only skilled individuals are pushed into various industries.


On the Careers Nigeria platform, you can seek and get the right jobs and you can connect with industry professionals in order to maximize your opportunities.

However, Careers Nigeria is one of the top job sites in Nigeria which you can turn to if you really want to connect to the right job. You can sign up and create an online CV through which your potential employers can see your skills and qualifications.

Careers Nigeria is also a perfect platform on which employers can get on to, in order to recruit the best skills for the different jobs.


Although it is an American owned platform, indeed ( is a great job listing website available to Nigerians. On the platform, you can get any category of the job you want in Nigeria.

You can also search for jobs around the world and apply by simply clicking the “Apply” button. You can also create a wonderful profile to stand as your CV and you can subscribe to job alerts so that you get notified immediately a job that fits your profile is posted by an employer.


Glassdoor ( like Indeed is also an American owned platform that enlists jobs worldwide. Being a reputed website, many recruiters in Nigeria have taken to it to recruit the best hands. So you will not want to neglect it.

You can best optimize your visibility to recruiters and employers on Glassdoor by making sure your profile defines your qualifications. You can also follow different companies in order to know when they have vacancies.


It has been a wonderful ride I would say if you have really followed me from the beginning up till this point. I am certain you have not just learnt the different job listing sites in Nigeria, but you have come to know that great opportunities you have on your fingertips.

Go ahead and leave your questions below in the comment section and do not hesitate to recommend a job listing site if you know they are good.

What else would I say to you but “go and explore!”


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