11 Stunning Aso Ebi Styles That Will Inpire Your Next Owambe Outfits


The weekend is here and we know it’s all about the Owambe. Aso-Ebi styles are one of the best outfits for wedding guests.

There are now jokes about “Aso Ebi” ladies upstaging the celebrants of whatever occasion they attend. Aso- Ebi style is a huge part of the Nigerian culture and a motivational tool for fashion creatives as they come up with more and more outstanding designs.

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We have carefully selected the best of outfits that would suit your next Owambe.

1.Step into that Owambe in this lovely style

2. Velvet Asoebi will make you look perfect

3. Make an entrance in this amazing style

4. The tulle added to this Aso-Ebi style

5. Lilly Afe looks amazing in the pink

6. You can never go wrong in a black Asoebi styles

7. You can’t afford to sleep on fringe

8. You’ll be the centre of attraction in this outfit

9. This amazing style will help you make a fashion statement

10. This off-shoulder will make you look amazing




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