5 Sports Betting Stereotypes in South Africa

Betting Stereotypes in South Africa
Betting Stereotypes in South Africa

Sports Betting in South Africa is very lucrative because of the various personalities engaging with sport betting bookies. Online there are different kinds of South African bettors with different levels of betting skills. Many times we think that the sport betting personalities are just two* the lucky and “the unlucky”

The Sharp one: This guy is usually a professional Sport bettor. He is usually highly respected in the South African sport betting community. Mr Sharp often runs a book maker company. His moves can cause the lines to move due to other bettors following the decisions based on his expert.

The Arbitrage one: Mr. A as we would call him throughout this post, is level headed and extremely cautious. He doesn’t place any bet except he places them with different bookmakers. This style of sport betting is dependent on the different odds from bookies. The plan is to always get a profit no matter what. Even though the payouts are usually meagre

The Recreational one: This guy is a bettor just because he enjoys it. He only supports his favorite team. Guys like this are the majority in the south African sport betting community. They lack the skills to make well informed and calculated decisions. But, their passion and love for sports is what influences their stakes and wagers.

The maniac: As the name implies, this guy no longer places bets based on enjoyment and entertainment. His sole mission is to place wagers till he hits the jackpot. Mr Maniac no longer has control over his sport betting habit and will continue to stake all his property. Most of the time he is trying to chase his losses and is drowning in debts and bankruptcy. People like this start by betting with money they can not afford to lose.

The Emotional one: Mr. E places bets based on what he feels is right. For instance if you place a bet on a team’s performance just because they bought a new player, then you are part of the “E” gang. Another pointer is the fact that they easily get overwhelmed by the outcome of the match or event. Most of the time you will hear them argue at the top of their voices just because the outcomes didn’t rule in their favour.

The Social one: Otherwise known as Mr. Nice guy, bets because everyone is doing it. Mainly influenced by peer pressure and a strong desire to fit in with the crowd.

Bottom line, every South African better falls within one of these categories. It is important to note where you belong in this chain, if you intend to scale up on your profits .


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