7 Famous Sport Betting Terms Every South African Should Know

7 Famous Sport Betting Terms Every South African Should Know
7 Famous Sport Betting Terms Every South African Should Know

Do you get lost when sport betting terms are mentioned or discussed? Are you trying your hands on sport betting for the first time? Are you trying to get a hang of this seemingly impossible industry worth billions of dollars? Then this article is for you. Every industry has foundational knowledge needed for optimal growth and success.

The South African sport betting industry is no exception. As an upcoming South African bettor somewhere in Xhosa you must learn the first few rules to truly scale up in experience and professionalism. Half the time, Sport betting almost feels like a mysterious endeavor. So hard to get your hand around it and there is never enough time for anyone to explain it to you.

If you also want to make the most of your investments, especially if you are still in the thinking stage. You need to understand the South African Sport betting culture.Let’s take a quick look at it.

BET: Means to gamble or take a chance on a predicted outcome or sport event in hope of success(cash out). This is usually done based on the predicted odds(the likelihood of a sport event outcome).
Example: I placed a bet on the Man U and Chelsea game.

ACTION: the act of placing a bet or having an active wager on a sport event. Example: “Get in on all the action of your best teams”.

LIVE BETTING: Means to place a bet on a sport event already in progress with inconsistent odds at the time.

NUMBER: The odds, the spread or the betting line.” what’s the number on the La Liga games?

STAKE: The money or collateral placed on the outcome of a sporting event.

LIMIT: A maximum bet allowed by the sport books or establishment

BOOK: The entity that accepts bets for sporting events .They are often called “bookies” or sport books in a casino system.

All of these terms we have looked at should set you on the right path in your South African betting career. Remember to take small baby steps before diving all in. Best of luck!


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