Features To Look Out For Before Registering With A South African Sports Betting Sites


Sports Betting sites are on the increase with many coming with mouth watering offers to lure new bettors to their sites.

While it is an advantage for a bettor to register with more than one sports betting sites, however, there are features to look out for before adding a new betting site to your list of bookmakers.

These features will help you determine if they are okay for you and it is must to know them so as to avoid future regrets.

Below is a list of a few key areas for punters to look out for to have a much more positive betting experience.

1. Speed of payout

You need to know how quickly the sports betting site will pay you your winnings.

This is very important as there have been reports of bookmakers taking so much time before they pay out. Some even go as far as holding back the bettors money.

2. Deposit methods

You need to ascertain if the bookmaker offer a deposit method you currently have. Deposit to your sports betting accounts varies depending on bookmakers.

Some accept direct deposit, others crypto currency, bank transfer among others. You need to be you have at least one that is being used by the site.

3. Bonuses

As a bettor you need to look out for bonuses. Be sure to ascertain if they offer bonuses on deposit or welcome offers for your first deposit.

4. Mobile Betting

Since you will be staking most of your bets online, you need to ascertain if the mobile sites are friendly and easy to navigate. You also need to know if they have a mobile app as it is in most cases much better and secured than via the web directly.

5. Registered with the government

This is very important as well, you need to check if they are registered with the government to avoid falling into the wrong hands.


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