Hollywoodbet Lucky numbers [22-11-2020]

Hollywoodbets Review

Lucky Numbers Betting South Africa

It’s a new week and all bettors are trying to start the week on a high by winning big via the various Betting platforms available in the country.

Our Lucky Numbers Betting post is here to guide Bettors on how to ensure that their games are well placed and most importantly giving them the chance of smiling to the bank.

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For beginners not to get stuck in the middle of the article, Lucky Numbers are different to the lotto, in the sense you aren’t playing into the lotto pools, you are betting on the numbers that will be drawn.

So you’ll be placing bets that are quite different that you would with the lottery. With lucky numbers betting you can actually bet on many markets, like a certain number will be drawn or the colour of a ball.

There are many more betting options than just picking all the winning numbers.

Hollywoodbet Lucky Numbers

Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers offer 1st 6 balls betting which excludes the bonus ball.
You can bet on Lotto, Lucky Numbers, Lucky 3, Lucky 22 and Lucky 33 at Hollywoodbet.

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How to Bet on Lucky Numbers
One number to show up in the draw
Two numbers
Three numbers
Four numbers

Remember that whichever number/s you choose, at least one needs to appear to win money.

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If you pick 2 numbers, both numbers must be drawn. If you pick 4 numbers, all 4 numbers must be drawn.

So it’s advisable to play responsibly as it’s important Bettors keep their cool when trying to win themselves something big.


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