Six Common Misconceptions About How To Predict Games

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To predict games, you will require some mastery of this subjective, yet complex science. This is why betting involves so much psychological and emotional tension

With winning being the top priority when predicting a game, bettors will begin to grow and adapt to some misconceptions about his or her game whenever things are not going too well.

You might have been having some of these misconceptions without knowing and we have decided to give you some that come to mind when prediction doesn’t work.

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1. It is impossible to profit from high odds

Thoughts like this come to the mind once everything begins to fall apart and it’s obvious that even small odds can also disappoint when it matters most. Placing a bet in high odds does not lower the chances of winning.

2. Popular stakes rarely win

Some players tend to think that once a stake is popular for the week then the chances of that team winning decrease. Such a misconception is void and should never be considered.

3. Time Frame or Weather

While games are known for starting at different times and played under different weathers, some bettors have initiated a conception that some team can’t win at a particular time or weather. This is not always true, but for those who believe it, this calculus is incorporated into their methodology they use to predict games

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4. Team Jersey

Don’t be shocked by this kind of misconception, some bettors have been able to conclude that a team can’t win when wearing a particular Jersey.

5. Anniversary Day

Some bettors have it in mind that some particular teams can’t secure a win on some special day like Christmas and thus overlook the good odds they’ve been giving.

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6. When a particular referee is in charge

Some bettors think that a particular team will lose or win when a particular referee is in charge.



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