Top sports betting specialists in South Africa


The online sports betting scene in South Africa is a constant reminder of the country’s prominence in the global iGaming market. With thousands of sports bettors from Johannesburg to Cape Town, the South African online sports betting market will continue to attain new milestones.

As the world observes the sector’s growth over time, it’s imperative that some top voices guide bettors with trustworthy information. Whether it’s information about the top sports betting sites in South Africa or expert tips and guides about betting on ZA online bookmakers, these conversations are crucial.

Today, we will look at the top sports betting specialists guiding ZA bettors with credible information to aid informed betting choices.


How do sports betting specialists work?


The role of sports betting writers and analysts in the online gaming space cannot be overemphasised. These individuals do a lot of background work to ensure their audiences get the best insights, tips and analysis to elevate their gaming experiences. They are considered authoritative voices in their field, with high levels of trust among their audiences.

For instance, when searching for an online sportsbook in South Africa, you’ll discover a lot of options on the market. Testing the hundreds of operators is next to impossible due to the required capital. It can also be a daunting task to register with multiple betting platforms

Sports betting specialists come to the rescue with their expert reviews that highlight various bookmaker brands and their features. More importantly, they analyse games, write news, create betting guides and provide predictions regarding upcoming sports games and events.

This engaging content is made available to the public, so sports betting enthusiasts can easily find comprehensive information to guide their activities.

Before highlighting the top voices in the South African sports betting space, let’s review how we arrived at our selections. Our core metrics include:

  • Expertise: We consider the specialist’s longevity in the ZA iGaming industry. How experienced are they? Do they have first-hand sports betting experience? How many years have they been providing tips? These answers help determine their skill level.
  • Reliability: Do they provide the latest tips, predictions and updates? Are their betting site reviews up to date? Can you find the latest information about bookie bonuses, promotions, terms and conditions, and other offerings from their reviews? Is their personal or work website data consistent and accurate? These questions help determine if they are credible.
  • Attention to detail: Are their personal, affiliate and work sites very critical of the tiny details when providing tips and reviews? Do they provide additional information, such as player injuries, SA news and gaming statistics? These details help you determine if they truly did their research or simply provided generic stats and strategies.
  • Popularity: Do ZA sports bettors know them and consider them credible? Do they have a committed audience that speaks highly of them and their work? These questions will help determine if they are truly one of the best in the game.


It’s crucial to note that their popularity is not a direct reflection of them being better than their competitors. However, people who put themselves out there more are often considered better key opinion leaders.


5. Ayanda Vezi – Sports content coordinator | 8.0/10

First on our list of the most reputable sports betting professionals in South Africa is Ayanda Vezi. The Durban-based specialist works as a sports content coordinator at Hollywoodbets. Before taking up this role, he worked in various capacities in the SA sports industry. This included working as a sports anchor and presenter at Joburg TV and Harry Gwala FM and as a freelance sportswriter.

His current employer, Hollywoodbets, is a ZA company offering horse racing betting and sports betting opportunities. In terms of his educational background, Ayanda holds a diploma in journalism and sports management, so he’s more than just a sports enthusiast — he’s a professional in the field.

Ayanda works on the Hollywoodbets sports blog to provide up-to-date sports news. While this is great, he’s more focused on local sporting events and activities, which limits his presence to a particular group of sports fans. His track record in the global sports scene is largely non-existent and difficult to follow, so his quality does not cut across the board.

We recommend following other specialists with a stronger presence and verifiable strategies, tips and opinions about local and international sports if you prefer a mix of both worlds.


4. Lloyd Kenrick – Experienced sports betting writer | 8.1/10


Lloyd Kenrick is another specialist catering to South African sports enthusiasts with his content. The veteran sportswriter contributes to numerous tips, analyses and betting guides in the country’s sports betting scene. His content appears on platforms such as, where he covers a range of topics, including the best South African online casinos and sports betting sites.

Beyond South Africa, Lloyd also caters to international bettors in the UK and Portugal through and, respectively. His presence spans diverse audiences looking for professional contributors.

When it comes to sports betting content, Lloyd focuses more on football and eSports. Unlike other specialists with a holistic approach to sports betting tips and strategies, his content is tailored to a specific niche.

We also discovered that Lloyd’s online presence is lacking. He doesn’t have a professional LinkedIn account to his name. Neither does he have a portfolio that reinforces his position as an expert in the field. These shortfalls water down his rich content on the various platforms he contributes to.


3. Alex Goldstein – Sports expert and writer | 8.5/10

Alex Goldstein is another notable sportswriter offering SA bettors various resources to improve their gaming experience. The Cape Town native launched MyBettingSites in 2021 to offer players expert and independent reviews on the best betting sites in ZA.

This includes highlighting popular ZA sportsbooks and their offerings to help bettors make smart choices, alongside various tips to maximise their experiences at these sites.

Being a former rugby semi-pro, Alex covers various interests, including soccer, rugby, cricket and horse racing. He provides betting tips for each event. Alex himself is a sports bettor who started his adventure back in college. His mixed success in the ZA betting world guides the opinions and strategies he offers his audience, especially beginners.

Though his coverage of the South African betting scene is great, Alex now resides in Stockholm, making it challenging to offer on-the-ground information to his audience. So, if you’re interested in following a specialist who has ears in the SA sports ground, Alex may not be the best choice.

Though his relocation abroad may not necessarily water down his work quality and ethic, his two-man team may be unable to keep up with the latest trends and updates in the ZA iGaming space in real-time.


2. Trivesh Vassen – Sports journalist and iGaming contributor | 9.5/10


Trivesh Vassen is another South African sports specialist who has made a name for himself in the country’s sports betting industry. After gaining a BA in film, media and visual studies, Trivesh Vassen started his copywriting career.

He is currently a sports journalist and iGaming contributor on PlayCasino, one of the country’s leading sports betting review sites. His content spans casino reviews, casino games, sports betting tips and strategies, bookmaker reviews and the best welcome offers for casino and sports players.

With a career dating back to 2005, Trivesh has nearly two decades of experience under his belt. He’s a veteran in the business, and his experience as a seasoned gambler further contributes to the quality of reviews and insights he provides. He spends a great deal of his time bonus-hunting on various ZA sportsbooks to provide his readers with the best bookmaker bonuses and promotions.

However, Trivesh is one of the latest recruits at PlayCasino, with a limited portfolio to his name. Due to this you won’t find a great deal of sports tips and reviews from him online, making it challenging to determine his success rate and overall credibility. Bettors in need of more information may need to find other sports specialists with more online content available.


1. Katlego Modise – Online sports betting and lottery specialist | 9.8/10


Our top-ranked South African sports specialist has written his name in gold in the online gaming world. Katlego Modise specialises in creating content around sports and lottery betting. There are not many experts who consider lottery enthusiasts, but Katlego stands out with his pro lottery tips and reviews.

Katlego boasts two decades of experience in the ZA iGaming space. He holds a journalism degree from the University of Cape Town and currently works as an online sports betting specialist with PlayCasino. In case you’re just connecting the dots — yes, he works on the same team as Trivesh Vassen above.

Lotto and Powerball lovers will fancy the Johannesburg-based sportswriter thanks to his special consideration for them. Considering that Katlego is an avid gambler himself, his pro tips and strategies are realistic, impartial and strongly analytical. He bets on football, basketball and horse racing, making his repertoire more comprehensive than most sports betting specialists in the country.


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