Sport Betting in South Africa: The Psychology of failure and how to succeed (Part 2)

Sport Betting in South Africa
Sport Betting in South Africa

After many years of study, Thomas Gilovich, a professor of psychology discovered the reason why many sport bettors always used the same betting strategy even after many failures. He coined a name for it, “hindsight bias” aka know- it- all-along syndrome.

His examinations exposed this character flaw in both winners and losers. Winners never attribute their success to foresight gotten from research and analysis. While losers blamed everything and everyone except themselves. This false sense of the interference of chance, fate and luck has prevented individual bettors from reviewing betting processes and strategies.

This kind of betting mindset is detrimental to the south African bettors decision making. It can clear out your bankroll fast and leave you in debts and bankruptcy in a twinkle.

How can South African Bettors get out of this biased mindset in 2021?

The most important thing right now is to understudy successful bettors. The first things that successful bettors have in common is clarity. They completely understand what they are doing. Do they are very intentional in their decision making. Nothing is done spontaneously. Everything is done with a direct and specific motive. This is the hanoy to imbibe. Successful South African bettors pull their whole weight on both possess and wins. They put in equal effort. This is because they understand that ” luck” swings both ways. What the hindsight bias does is that it swerves away from the rational path and blocks out the voice of reasoning. What this article attempts to do is to help you develop a successful habit that will ensure you have an organized system of sport betting.

Let’s take a look at a few points to start:

  1. Be very sincere with yourself. Sit down and look at all the reasons why you may have lost or won
  2. Be very objective in your evaluation. Remember no room for sentiments and all that self pity ” it’s the referees fault” excuses.
  3. Take a look at the data and study it. Regardless of your opinions
  4. Finally ‘always”, ” at all time”, “frequently” check the stats, reports and analytics before you place your bet.


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