The most profitable sports to bet on in South Africa

profitable sports to bet on
profitable sports to bet on

Sports betting is an industry worth over $100billion, with a realistic projection to hit $150million by 2024. In South Africa Sports betting is beyond a game, it’s a passion and a way of life. Although the industry is a huge spin of money many players will lose money to bookmakers. You don’t have to join the train of ill luck, that is why you have to keep your eyes on the ground to avoid betting pitfalls. Especially as the year is rounding up to an end.

Alright, are you ready to hit it big this year and take that trip to Cape Town for some good pampering? If yes, then you need to have an Eagle’s view of what sports you should be placing bets on. To make the maximum profit on all your stakes, this article will comprehensively break down 5 sports you should pay attention to.


Easily a global favourite, South African players love this sport. But, many would imagine that the population density in this sport will make it almost impossible to get any of the odds in your favour. While that may be true to some degree, there is still a long rope of hitting the jackpot on the odds. You just have to look in corners that most people won’t lay attention to.
As a south African player, you should keep your eyes on the not just the ball but, on the yellow cards a team will get, who will score first and if there will be any injury. Always research the main the market league trends, specific matches and teams so that you are placing well-informed bets to make sure the odds align in your favour as profits. So, even though bookmakers are offering very juicy booster bets on the day of a big match. Do not get carried away by an offer, it is usually planned to draw a vast majority in, but they are not usually what they seem.


Tennis is another super game that can bring you a very large return on your investments if you know how to bet hard. For South African bettors this sport is a popular one to bet on. You just have to thoroughly follow the statistics to get a great advantage on the two-way draw. Even though Tennis has a little twist to the story, live betting. It should not deter you from giving it all of the takes. You can bet on every point and game. Subsequently, as a South African player, you can easily change your strategy. There is a winning advantage because most of the sport betting sites make policies that rule in your favour.


Boxing is loved by many south African bettors because it is considered a prestigious sport. There are various offers from sport betting sites. One of the things that will ensure you make a sustainable income is the odds. They are usually consistent and has many betting possibilities or outcomes. Most of the time the bookmakers are too focus on the big events that they ignore the smaller events like boxing. So most of the time their fight combinations are wrong, after all your research you are able to accurately place a bet based on the market value of under dog fighters. And one beautiful thing about boxing is that it has a win and lose pattern for all it’s players.

Base Ball

Baseball is one of the biggest and profitable sports. It has an extensive odd possibility because it is driven by data! So far it has been the most data-driven sport. As a south African player, this sport is perfectly suited to meet all your betting needs, especially as the computer or Internet is within the average person’s reach. Now pay attention…. To outsmart all the bookies you need to understand the data, the stats, the reports on all the odds. Especially from the team, the players you want to bet on.

There really is no best sport to place your eggs in, the rule of sport betting is to place bets and wagers with your head and not your heart. You need to be rational and realistic in calculating the odds of your bet. Always remember to pay very close attention to every detail, never ignore subtle hints to avoid being unlucky. Finally research and understand the market and game trends. To truly succeed at sport betting you have to think like a pro.


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