Tragedy hits Dakar Rally as rider dies from injuries after fall


The 2021 Dakar Rally has been rocked by tragedy with confirmation a French rider has died from injuries he sustained after a fall.

The rider has been identified as Pierre Cherpin. He was 52.

In a statement released by the race organisers, they said: During his transfer by medical plane from Jeddah to France, Pierre Cherpin died from the injuries caused by his fall during the 7th stage from Ha’il to Sakaka on January 10.

Cherpin crashed at the 178km point around 13:00. Doctors found him unconscious when they reached him by helicopter. He was taken to Sakaka’s hospital where the medical report revealed severe head trauma with a loss of consciousness.

He was urgently operated in the neurosurgery department and was kept in an induced coma. His condition remained stable over the past few days.

Cherpin was airlifted from Sakaka to Jeddah’s hospital from where he was going to be transferred to Lille’s hospital. Sadly he died during the transfer.

Passionate about wide open spaces, Pierre Cherpin was participating in his fourth Dakar Rally.

His first participation was in 2009, when the Dakar Rally took place for the first time in South America.

He signed up in the unassisted bikers’ category and came back in 2012 still in the same category. He completed the race both times.

Cherpin came back for a third time in 2015, but he had to give up after an engine failure.

The 2021 race is due to end on Friday, 15 January.

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