What Are The Best Bets In Roulette Casino Game?


Just like in every casino game, you have to decide on what makes you happy when you’re playing. This is why many Punters go for their favourite games. Sometimes some gamblers prefer to bet on what will bring frequent small wins to them. This allows them to stay in action for a long time and enjoy the fun roulette brings. While others enjoy the thrill of winning big even if it has to come less frequently.

In most roulette games, the house edge is the same for every bet except one. And deciding on which game to play becomes the road to a lower house edge for the players. Some may choose to bet on which one offers the lowest house edge and some may choose otherwise.

This page examines the various bets in roulette and compares them with various players’ goals so that you can choose which bets will bring you the most thrills, excitement, and fun.

Roulette Best Bets If You Want To Spend A Lot Of Time Gambling

Variance is a term often used by Punters and mathematicians to describe the swings caused by a statistical deviation in a bankroll. And the higher the payout, the lower the variance.

Here is some illustration:

If you’re playing roulette and making straight-up bets on a single number, you’ll win 35 units. But you’ll only win (on average) once out of every 37 hands. Making it a higher variance option than an even-money bet.

In the case of even-money bets, you may end up winning the same amount that you bet. But you’ll win a lot more often—47.36% of the time, which is almost every other bet. 

If you’re interested in spending a lot of time at the table, then the way to do so is to stick with the lower payout bets, because you’ll lose less often. Your money will eventually all go to the casino if you play long enough, but it will last longer, and you’ll have more fun

Roulette Best Bets To Winning Big

If you’re the type of gamblers who love to play for a short time, win big and safe the rest for another time, then you should go the straight-up bet. Straight-up bet offers a payout of 35 to 1, which means if you place a $100 wager on a single number and win, you’ll get $3500.

This choice can make you exhaust your money really fast. It applies to all betting games where the odds of winning big are high.

You will often see yourself winning big on this roulette bet. But the playoff might not be as big as a progressive slot machine jackpot.

The Worst Bets You Can Ever make On Roulette

The worst bets you can make are usually on worthless roulette systems. You’ll need to avoid them and make use of the better bets on the table.

I know I may be sounding strident by condemning roulette betting systems. It’s because they can offer false hope at times 

No one is well served by delusion. And so you should not delude yourself into thinking that you can cleverly beat roulette. People who have tried for hundreds of years only succeeded by luck.

And you don’t have control over the luck in roulette, other than choosing bets with a lower house edge whenever possible.


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