6 Mistakes To Avoid When Betting On Soccer Matches


When it comes to gambling, whether it is sports betting or casino, there’s a high level of risk involved. No game is 100% sure and bettors need to take chances while they stake on their favourite teams. However, in spite of the high risk involved, millions of people still place bets across different games ranging from football to horse racing, casinos, tennis, hockey and lots more. 

No doubt, betting has come to stay as there are tens of countries in the world already given gambling licenses to operators. With the high number of people betting every day and a whole lot of betting options available, there’s a high chance of making mistakes. And in this article, we’ll look at some of the common mistakes bettors make while betting either at a betting outlet or online.

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1. Betting with zero knowledge of the sport

Although soccer games are easy to understand. It’s the most common type of sports. But as popular as this game of soccer is, many people are not fully aware of the rules and regulations covering the game. You should familiarise yourself with the game before taking the journey because sports betting requires knowledge of the game.

2. Not understanding the team and individual player

Apart from the knowledge of the rules and regulations in a soccer match, to avoid losing money, you should spend time analyzing the teams who will be involved in the match and the player’s form as well. Sometimes, the calibre of players fielded decides who win the match. Injuries to key players leading to their omission in one team could give the opponent an opportunity. So it’s important that you study both teams and their current forms.

3. Betting on your favourite team to win all the time

Another common mistake bettors make is placing bets on their favourite teams to win at all time. It’s good to see your team winning but there are days of good outings and their days your favourite team will have bad outings. Whatever results come out of matches, the players earn their deserving wages. Bet only on games you think would give you returns. No matter how good your team is remember that anything can happen in a game of football.

4. Putting all your money in one bookmaker

There is no such thing as brand loyalty as far as betting in football and soccer is concerned. Sports betting is highly competitive and there are bookmarkers with better odds in the market. Committing to only one bookmarker may limit your chance of winning big. Always be on the lookout for betting offers, promotions and loyalty package from other sports bookmakers.

5. Don’t spread your money too far and wide

Many bettors often make the mistake of spreading their bets across many teams and events of a particular soccer match with the hope that it’ll make a good return. But it doesn’t happen that way. Because, in betting, there’s a rule that says that the fewer selections you include in your bet, the better the chances of your winning. Even if you want to be more aggressive, three or four – at best is advisable. Avoid spreading your bet money thin across dozens of teams, players, events and final results.

6. Understand the market

You must avoid betting blindly on an obscure market with lesser-known teams and matches. Before placing bets, you should do your research, study the market and understand its patterns. It’s advisable that you put aside the emotional perspective that you may have with a particular team and bet with your brain.

The final word

Soccer games are hard to predict. It’s all about lucks and good fortune. But, you can increase the chances of winning if you avoid some of the mistakes, do proper research, analyze the match and don’t bet with an emotional feeling.


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