8 Everyday Eating Mistakes You Should Avoid

everyday eating mistakes to avoid

Granted, it sometimes seems too much to pay enough attention to eating right when there are barely enough hours in a day for sleep, recreation, and work.

But there is also something not eating right does in the long run – it causes health problems! While we all want that ‘la-la’ land where all we have to do is eat and not worry about the effects on our body, eating actually comes with responsibilities that we must prepare to accept.

And no, it doesn’t have to be a lot of work – because what’s a lot of work is falling sick for not eating right. That is why there are some eating mistakes to avoid at all costs, even though it might appear a little difficult or you might have heard otherwise from some doctors and nutritionists.

Here are 8 eating mistakes you should avoid for your own health benefits.

Eating all calories as though they are the same

Not all calories are equal or the same. There, you read right. If you aim to shed or add some weight and you have not seen visible improvements despite your commitment to counting your daily calories intake, then this is for you. Take, for instance, 100 calorie crackers. The effect of the 100 calorie crackers is vastly different from that of the 100 calorie guacamole. Contrary to popular belief, the 100 calorie guacamole has more nutritional health benefits than the 100 calorie guacamole. Also, the wheat bread acclaimed as the best bet for lesser calorie intake is not always so. This is especially if you consider the ingredients and what’s on the label.

Abstaining from only processed sugar

Sugar is in virtually everything that we eat – from ketchup to bread to tomato paste. So, while you are on the weight loss journey thinking that processed sugar or sweet things are the only things to avoid, take note of the seemingly harmless consumables that make your healthy eating attempts futile.

Sticking to one eating pattern

As your body changes, so should your eating pattern and diet change. For optimal results when it comes to diet, you should be prepared for change. All you have to do is trust your taste buds and they will definitely accommodate more.

Copying another person’s eating pattern or diet

This is another mistake you should avoid. Understand that the way our bodies are different is the same way that our diet should be different. Blindly following a diet recommendation from your partner, friend or colleague is not advisable. Know your body and find what works for you.

Abstaining from all fats

It is a big mistake to abstain from all fats because you want to lose weight. There are, in fact, healthy fats that help you lose weight in no time. Take, for instance, avocados. Take this simple rule: because it’s fatty doesn’t mean it’ll make you fat!

Having a heavy cheat-weekend

It does not matter if you’ve strictly followed a healthy diet all through the week. A heavy cheat weekend to spoil yourself after abiding by the week rules can ruin your efforts.

Overeating after workouts

Don’t compensate for the intense workout session with overeating immediately after. You will only end up not losing any of the calories you worked so hard to burn.

Drinking too much alcohol

There are calories in beer as well. Don’t forget this as you strive to follow your healthy diet.





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