5 Best Stock Trading Apps for 2021


2021 can be a great year to identify the best stocks to invest thanks to certain changes in the global macroeconomic context and in societies. This is a big chanche for you, no matter where you are; South Africa, Britain, Belgium, Japan, China, etc. Although the pandemic disrupted the market rules, many experts believe that this year may be the year of rebound, of reestablishment, as central banks support economies with cheap credit and low interest rates, and that money is expected to flow into international markets. In this post we will explain some stock apps; FXTM Mobile Trading App and 4 other apps.

Why a trading app?

Trading apps are investment software that allow you to operate from your mobile 24 hours a day (in case of Forex trading) and anywhere in the world without having to be in front of the computer all the time. While some brokers create their own dedicated mobile applications, others simply tailor their desktop platform to these devices.

FXTM Mobile Trading App

It stands out in the trading world for its simple way of handling, the search function bar is good and the classification of fixed assets, clear. You can activate the notifications option and receive alerts about: open and closed positions, announcements or / and demand for supplementary coverage, which can be sent to email. You can start with a free demo account.

xMobile by XTB

It offers complete access to more than 1,500 financial markets including currencies, index and commodities. The economic calendar informs you of current market news and events. It also promises to keep you abreast of what is happening in your portfolio through notifications and alerts. Xtb also offers an app for Smartwatch.


Full access to more than 1000 different opportunities to invest in CFD stocks, currencies, commodities, indices, ETFs, investment strategies with CopyPortfolios and you can even copy / follow the best investors. In addition, you receive notifications and alerts in real time of what is happening in the market and within the platform through your portfolio.

Naga Trader

The main vision of the Naga platform is made up of several menus. Where you can see what other users are posting in real time (like on Facebook). It has a section called “blog” and offers a news summary with all kinds of articles and news, both from the Naga broker and on the economic news of the day, state of the markets, etc.

MT4 and MT5 Apps (Admiral Markets)

As with the PC trading platforms, the famous multibroker platform MT4 and MT5 cannot be missing among the best trading apps. However and surprisingly, although most brokers offer this tool for computers, the same does not happen with mobile devices. Thus, you will not easily find brokers that have the software for Android or iOS. An exception is Admiral Markets, a broker where you can download both apps and try them (they don’t have any waste).

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