Don’t Leave Lagos Without Visiting These Top 10 Beach Resorts


Despite being one of the three main commercial centers in Nigeria, Lagos also boasts of recreational and relaxation facilities.

It is not enough to visit Lagos for a business meeting or a professional event.

The city of Lagos offers you so much more away from its daily hustle and bustle – think exotic beach resorts.

After sealing the deal with clients, don’t be in a hurry to leave Lagos; you should explore some of the best beach resorts along with friends, business partners, clients, and/or family.

This guide brings you top ten beach resorts in Lagos that you should visit.

Stay reading to find out which one you would eventually like to visit.

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is located along the Lekki-Epe Expressway. This beach resort is one of the most popular in Lagos. Famed for hosting romantic couples, this resort offers guests the best of luxury accommodations and art structures. There’s also the opportunity to take part in fun outdoor activities like horse riding, swimming, canoeing, and the likes.

La Manga Luxury Beach Villa

Located in Ilashe, an island in Lagos State, this beach resort is pleasing to the eyes. Here, you are welcomed by grand architecture, coconut trees, and a stunning scenery. This resort also takes pride in its ultra-modern villas. There will hardly be a regrettable moment spent here at La Manga Luxury Beach Villa.

Hermitage Garden Resort

At Hermitage Garden Resort, luxury meets romance in a beautiful environment. Located in Lekki-Ajah peninsula, the water activities you can get participate in include fishing, beach football, and many more. With sandy coastlines and villas with a view of the beachfront, a romantic date cannot go wrong right here.

Eko Tourist Beach Resort

Also known as the Akodo Beach, the Eko Tourist Beach Resort is one of the best beach resorts in Lagos. Famed for its amusement parks, swimming beach, and coconut grooves, the luxury and elite service you get here will leave you with an unforgettable experience. You will also be treated to a fulfilling dining experience with The Eko Akate House, Atlantic Cafe and Beach Bar and Marmundo that all offer tasty and exciting dishes.

Inagbe Grand Resort

The Inagbe Grand Resort is a home-away-from-home. A fifteen-minute boat ride from Victoria Island, Inagbe Grand Resort conveniently makes the list of the best beach resorts in Lagos. With views of the Lagos Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean, a splendid experience is packaged for you here. Guests are also treated to a five-star experience with the accommodation packages.

Kamp Ikare Beach Resort

Situated within Ikare Village in Badagry, Lagos, Kamp Ikare Beach Resort is a private beach only accessible by boat. Surrounded by palm trees, blue waters and fine sand, Kamp Ikare Beach Resort is a beach resort that will treat you to an exotic experience.

Epe Resort and Spa

Epe Resort and Spa is a perfect beach resort for you and your family. The calm serenity of the environment coupled with the beautiful scenery and architecture is why you shouldn’t miss out on this place with your loved one(s).

Lekki Beach Resort

If you are a golf lover, Lekki Beach Resort is for you. Guests also get a view of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Whispering Palms

Located in Badagry, The Whispering Palms is one of the choicest resorts you can find yourself in. The serene environment and topography are perfect for your ideal getaway.

Eleko Beach

Eleko Beach is a place where you can have quality fun and adventure. There are food and snack joints along the shoreline to cater to you and your loved ones.




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