Sports Transfer Rumors To Keep an Eye For this Summer


Since we are in the off-season for many sports, it is time for athletes to take their well-deserved rest and clear their minds just so they can be fully prepared for the upcoming season. The last season was very unusual for sports but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel as many sports events are going back to normal.

One of the most important things in the off-season for athletes is the transfer period. Each season teams battle to get their hands on the biggest talent they can get, and this year is no exception. That’s why we decided to highlight some of the things that every sports enthusiast should be aware of from the biggest sports leagues in the world.


Varane is going to Manchester United

After a couple of long months of negotiations, it seems like Real Madrid and Manchester United are ready to close the deal about Raphael Varane. Both teams agreed about the center-back worth, raising the initial price from £34 million to £42 million with all the add-ons calculated.

It seems like Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has huge plans for this season since he is going all-in on making the new lineup for the upcoming season.

PSG Show Interest in Pogba

It looks like the transfer from one of the best defenders in the world Sergio Ramos wasn’t enough for PSG, as they show interest in Pogba after his exceptional performance in the Euro 2020.

A couple of French reports suggest that Paris Saint-Germain is expected to make a move on Poul Pogba in near future, as it seems highly unlikely that United’s midfielder will sign a new contract at Old Trafford.

Arsenal Will Continue on Ramsdale Bidding

After a couple of unsuccessful tries for Arsenal to bring Sheffield’s United goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale in their lineup, they are not going to give up. Reports suggest that their third bid will be around £25 million, which is a considerable amount for this goalkeeper.


Zach Ertz Need to Choose Between Buffalo Bills and Chicago Bears

The Philadelphia Eagles are tough negotiators when it comes to trade talks, especially if we are talking about three-time Pro Bowl tight end. However, that might change in the near future as rumors suggest that he will be on the move to a new team.

One of the contenders is the Buffalo Bills that already agreed on his $12.72 million caps, and the same thing goes for the Chicago Bears.

Gardner Minshew Trade Nearby

All things suggest that the Jacksonville Jaguars would take the sixth-round pick in return for the third-year quarterback. We’ve known for a while that Gardner Minshew would be traded the same moment when Jacksonville earned the first pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Currently, there isn’t a market for Minshew even though he had a low salary compared to other players in the league, and he has performed well the last season.

We will see how things will work out for the teams in the transfer window, as they are on the hunt to find out who are the best NFL linebackers of all time.


Pistons are Holding Back from Cade Cunningham

A couple of months ago, the Detroit Pistons have shown interest in getting Cunningham in their team, but it seems like they are reconsidering their options and holding back for now. They are also talking to Jalen Green and Evan Mobley that could replace Cunningham’s place.

The reason is that Cunningham is the player that is currently at the top of most draft boards, so it would be much more expensive to get him on the team.

Ben Simmons Trade Looks Inevitable

The trade of Ben Simmons by the Philadelphia 76ers is definitely going to happen, but the process might wait until the preseason. The 76ers are looking for a package that includes a point guard for Simmons and many teams are already very interested due to a weaker-than-expected free agency class.

The 76ers are looking at Kyle Lowry and Bradley Beal as their top trading picks before the upcoming season.


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