Everything you need to know about eSports

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Electronic sports, commonly referred to as eSports, or egames, is a kind of organized competitive video gaming. It primarily consists of teams playing in tournaments for a monetary award. It works in the same way as traditional sports in terms of functionality. Athletes at the highest levels are always striving for the top ranks in their chosen sport or game.

Imagine that we are living in the moment of the birth of football: people do not understand the rules that are constantly changing, they consider playing with the ball a waste of time, and opponents shout about rugby as the only correct sport. However, there are too many fans, and this is forcing the state to intervene and make football a legal sport. And so, football for 50 years has gone from an incomprehensible phenomenon to international matches with professional players.

This resembles esports today, only it took a similar scenario less than 20 years and in the face of fierce competition for every second of a potential or existing consumer’s time. The world’s largest brands and government institutions are increasingly storming the esports industry.

Image Credit: Florian Olivo via Unsplash

Auditory of eSports

Previously only a teenage boy was considered a gamer, today 45% of American gamers are women. A player’s average age is 34 years old.

By 2021, Millennials have reached their peak of purchasing power and will become the mainstream of gamers.

By 2021-2022, Newzoo predicts an annual growth rate of approximately 14%. They also predict that the number of casual viewers will grow to 307 million, 250 million esports enthusiasts, making the total audience 557 million.

Who is an eSportsman?

Since esports is equated to one of the sports, the question arose – who is professional Sportsmen?

A professional eSports player is a person who plays one of the eSports disciplines at tournaments and competitions. Players earn money through successful performance in tournaments. In addition, players who play for a particular organization receive a salary, the amount of which directly depends on the experience and skills of the player himself. And such a concept as the age of an eSportsman has a classic sporting meaning, because with increasing age, for example, the reaction rate also increases. Even an 18-year-old player can make $ 1 million a year.


Betting on eSports

Before you start betting on esports, you need to understand how computer game competitions differ from the usual football, hockey, basketball, etc. Here everything works in a completely different way, and only a few general details still remind us that we are talking about competitions, where the main task of the bettor is to predict the result and other details.


Esports betting can be very hard to understand, since there are tons of different games in the market that are competing in tournaments. The first advice to give to new betters is to choose one game and initially bet only on it. The same team can show completely different results in Dota 2 and CS: GO, and each competition has a huge number of aspects. Even those who have been working in the eSports field for a long time cannot keep track of all the trends of different games. Second, for a good esports bet, you need to constantly monitor the rules for changes. If in football it is enough to learn once what an offside position is or to understand what affects the number of corners, then game realities are extremely changeable. The eSports discipline is also a competition in which new opportunities are constantly introduced for the interest of gamers. Each change, in turn, can affect the length of the game, the intensity of the battles and the strengths of individual teams.


For sure, eSports is a relatively new industry, however, as was mentioned before, it is rising rapidly and you won’t want to miss it. So, start getting to know it now to be up to date with the newest tournaments coming up.


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