How to Keep Your Car Dent Free


    For most of us, owning a vehicle is one of the most significant investments that we’ll make. As such, we want to protect that investment and keep it in excellent condition for as long as possible.

    One of the biggest concerns in owning a car is the risk of it getting scratches and dents. Although you cannot prevent this entirely, you can reduce your vehicle’s risk of scratches, dings, and dents by practising a few common-sense tips.

    Here are 4 tips to help you keep your car looking new for as long as possible.

    Park Away From Other Vehicles

    Have you ever visited a shopping centre only to return to your vehicle to notice a hair-raising scratch on the side? You’re not alone. Parking lots can be a recipe for disaster; all it takes is one door swing from a neighbouring car to leave yours with a scratch or dent.

    To reduce the risk of your car suffering a ding from another car’s door, you need to park smartly. This means avoiding tight spaces and aim to park beside slightly smaller vehicles that take up less space.

    You should also try to park away from other vehicles, even if that means having to walk a little further to your destination.

    Drive With Caution

    The road is a busy place full of drivers rushing to get to their destinations. In the midst of this, the road is also home to speeding, reckless and distracted driving.

    If people drove more carefully, accidents and bumper bashings would be drastically reduced. Our cars would also have far fewer dents and scratches.

    Although you can’t control the actions of other motorists on the road, you can control how you operate your vehicle. Always focus on the task at hand and expect other drivers to make mistakes.

    Many dents happen because of minor bumper bashings during traffic where people are distracted. Strive to remain alert and keep your following distance.

    Keep Your Car Clean

    It’s all too easy to take the condition of the paint on your vehicle for granted. However, it needs care and upkeep, just like any other part of your vehicle.

    Although you may not think that dirt can damage your car, if left unattended, dirt can lead to scratches.

    Wash your car frequently, and when doing so, ensure that you’re using the right equipment. Using the wrong type of sponge leave scratch marks on the paintwork.

    Invest In a Body Care Solution

    You can take all the precautions necessary to prevent your car from getting scratched and dented, but sometimes these unfortunate events will occur regardless. That’s where a Body Care Solution comes into the equation.

    Also known as Scratch and Dent cover, these plans are a cost-effective and convenient solution for repairing minor scratches and dents on your car.

    If keeping your car in mint condition is important to you, Body Care Cover is a must.

    Although scratches can sometimes be an unavoidable part of driving, you can take precautions to give your vehicle the best chance of remaining as scratch-free as possible by following and practising the above tips.


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