Who will make it to the Super Bowl?


The playoffs are underway and teams are battling it out to make it to the Super Bowl. The action began in Cincinnati, with the Bengals taking on the Los Angeles Raiders. Later that day, the New York Patriots took on the Buffalo Bills.

Another big game that fans can look forward to is the San Francisco 49ers versus the Dallas Cowboys, a rivalry that has gone on for quite some time now. The Pittsburgh Steelers versus the Kansas City Chiefs will be interesting, with the Steelers looking for an upset and some revenge following their recent defeat at the hands of the lads from Kansas. Another team looking for a dish apparently best served cold will be the Philadelphia Eagles, who will be wishing to avenge their defeat by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 6.

How fans can prepare for the Super Bowl

One of the best ways to get ready for the biggest event in the US sporting calendar is to do some research on the teams, especially if you’re betting on the Super Bowl. What are the stats of the players? Are any teams on a losing streak (or a winning one)? Have there been any injuries that could affect a player’s performance or the wider performance of the team? What are the sportsbooks saying about how things will pan out?

Here are a few other ways you can prepare for the game

Order or make chicken wings

Super Bowl is one of the busiest times for restaurants that make chicken wings, so if you’re going to order them in, order early. A lot of restaurants sell out around two weeks in advance.

If you fail to order early, you can always buy in your own chicken wings and make them. You may have a fight on your hands because of it being Super Bowl season, but if you can get hold of some, you can really make memories as you share the meal with your friends and loved ones.

Be COVID-19 conscious

Unfortunately, the Super Bowl is taking place in a COVID-19 world, so whether you’re attending the game live or just having a few friends round to follow the action together, you need to take precautions. Try to keep your distance from each other, wash your hands and wear a mask. You might even consider not just having a party altogether if the measures are going to hinder your enjoyment.

Who are fans likely to see in the Super Bowl?


Of course, as seen from above, there are some big teams playing in the Super Bowl. Who is likely to be stepping out onto the grid at the SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, California, on February 23? Here are some thoughts:


When it comes to teams that you might expect to see playing in the Super Bowl, the Chiefs are always going to be one of the teams most likely. Defensively, they’ve looked tight and have conquered their division.

They were in dominant form against the boys from Pittsburgh, defeating them 36-10 a few weeks ago. No one will be surprised if the Kansas lads step out onto the grid on Super Bowl day, and if the team does, it will be their third straight appearance at the Super Bowl.


Joe Burrows has been in blistering form this season, and the Bengals have powered their way to the AFC North championship, which they won for the first time in six years. It was a special performance, with a late rally to secure victory over none other than the Chiefs.

Wide receiver Ja Marr Chase put in an outstanding performance for the team in that game. His three touchdowns and eleven receptions made a handsome contribution to the team’s victory. Any player who faces Chase one on one in the playoffs or the Super Bowl game itself is going to have a rough ride.


Josh Allen is a huge asset for the Bills. He’s as good with his arms as he is with legs, and has really helped the team get back on top in the AFC East. The Bills don’t have quite the explosiveness necessary when it comes to running the ball, but with Allen on the team, and with Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde in the backfield, the team haven’t felt a harsh impact from the loss of Tre’ Davious White. The Bills’ adaptability has given the team just as much chance as any other team in the play-offs of making it all the way to SoFi Stadium.

It won’t be long before the Super Bowl is here and two teams are duking it out on the grid. Make your preparations and get set for a fantastic game… maybe even place a bet. The Bills, the Chiefs and the Bengals are all looking worthy contenders for a potential place in the big game, but only two will make it onto that grid.








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