TOP 5 popular colleges in the USA among Nigerian students


Even with the pandemic, the USA admitted 914k foreign students into its universities. Nigeria remains the top contributor of the international student population from Africa. They choose the universities with the best infrastructure, history, and opportunities to complete their studies.

International universities in the USA admit students from all backgrounds and for all imaginable courses. Whether you want to pursue engineering, accounting, technology, or arts, there are numerous universities in the USA to offer that opportunity. You can get someone to statistics homework help while you work or start a business in the USA.

Here are the most popular colleges in the USA for Nigerian students.

  1. Brigham Young University

The university is found in Utah as a not-for-profit institution. It is the second most popular university for international students as they occupy 3.8% of the students’ population. In 2018/2019 alone, the university handed more than 7000 bachelor’s degrees.

The university is popular because of the reduced cost of learning. Tuition averages $5,790 a year for an undergraduate student. If you are joining graduate school, your tuition and fees will total around $7,290. It has consistently ranked among the best colleges in terms of money. Because of such conditions, it has a decent 90% retention rate. You will be studying with students from other countries in Europe, Asia, Canada, the Middle East, and Australia, among other continents.

  1. University of South Florida

The university has its main campus in Tampa. It has one of the largest international student populations at 10.8%. The student population is a blend of nationalities from Europe to South America, Asia, and Australia. It offers a competitive fee structure with an average of $17,324 a year for undergraduate and $21,126 for graduate students.

The university is always in the top 5% of the best universities overall. It also boasts a 10% retention percentage, giving you an idea of the learning environment. The work and entrepreneurship opportunities around Florida give you all the earning opportunities you may desire while in college.

  1. University of Wyoming

It is the degree programs at the University of Wyoming that make it attractive. The main campus is located in Laramie. It has a 5.7% international student population. They are drawn from Canada, India, the Middle East, and Africa, among other continents. With an average fee rate of $14,803 for undergraduate and 16,003 for graduate students, you have the best value for money.

  1. Western Illinois University

It is a mid-sized international university, that offers the best attention to learners. The international student population stands at 4.4%, drawn from such areas as Canada, Europe, Australia, and South America, among other areas. It costs an average of $12,940 to complete an undergraduate course and 11,803 for a graduate course. You will love the closely-knit student population because of the small numbers. Illinois is also popular with Black Americans, allowing you to blend perfectly.

  1. Minot State University

Minot hosts one of the best-kept secrets for Nigerians studying abroad. The university is located in North Dakota, one of the thriving cities in the region. It has one of the lowest tuition fees at $7,592 for undergraduate and $9,553 for graduate students. Despite the small student population, 9.8% of the students come from abroad. Such a balance makes it among the best international colleges for Nigerians. The environment in Minot is receptive to entrepreneurs and college businessmen. If you are looking for a job, it is one of the best paying cities for college students.

The best college for a Nigerian international student in the USA requires a balance between fees paid, quality of education, and the opportunities you get while still in college. A high percentage of international students makes a college more attractive. Choose a college that offers the course you desire to pursue.


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