5 Interesting Facts about Document Shredding


For almost all businesses and corporations today, document shredding is an essential component of ensuring organisational security.

Document shredding allows these companies to dispose of sensitive information which could affect the security of their employees, and their developing business growth strategies.

There are numerous additional benefits about document shredding, and some interesting facts regarding the process, which we have outlined in this article.


1.    Paper that has been discarded is considered public property

While most people consider disposed trash to be insignificant, in fact, once something is thrown away, it is deemed public property.

However, while this does not apply to old cans, bottles, and peels, it can have serious ramifications if you unintentionally discard documentation that holds critical information.

This problem can be remedied by purchasing one of the many shredders for sale, which come in a variety of designs to suit your security needs.


2.    Compliance requirements must be taken into consideration

Paper documents must be shredded in certain industries and service providers as a matter of legal requirement in some jurisdictions.

Vendors and companies that collaborate will purchase one of the many shredders for sale to ensure that their sensitive data is properly protected frequently conduct this assessment.

Many businesses are required to provide certified destruction certificates to demonstrate that all of their sensitive information has been properly disposed of, either by legislation or by commercial counterparts.


3.    Each paper shredder has a unique identity

Shredders dispose of paper in different ways and leave behind different indicators after they’re done.

Though they are created by the same company, each one of these shredders for sale is unique. Paper shredders used to destroy documents can and have been utilized in forensic investigations because no two are exactly same.


4.    Identity theft is conducted using paper records

Many information security specialists believe that the vast majority of identity theft and fraud can be traced back to paper records. In part, this is because old paper records are easier to get a hold of than digital ones.

Wallets, bank data, lost or stolen address books, and printed mail are all common entry points for fraudsters looking to steal someone else’s identity. Personal and commercial document destruction is vital to prevent data breaches of this type.


5.    A shredded document cannot be re-constructed

Because modern shredding machines convert papers to small fragments of paper, it is impossible to reassemble documents that have been shred. Frequently, machines cut vertically and horizontally, removing everything but confetti-sized pieces of paper from the work area.


Final Thoughts

Nothing in a corporation is too small to be shredded when it comes to security. In this case, hiring a records management business to perform your shredding is significantly more cost effective than risking the leakage of sensitive information in-house.

Worldwide, businesses of all sizes rely on secure document shredding services to protect their sensitive information.

This information regarding data security, archives and records management will help ensure that your business is up to date in the document lifecycle.


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