The Most Popular Sports South Africans Bet On


South Africa is a sports-loving nation and you will find a large number of fans. Games like football, rugby, and cricket are extensively popular within the country. They have also hosted major sports tournaments in the past few years, including the Football World Cup in 2010 and Rugby World Cup in 2019.

Sports betting in South Africa is expected to grow over 12.3% annually each year. Betting has been made even more attractive and feasible to people since it’s gone online. Players use popular sites like Betway SA to place bets on sports.

So, what are the most popular sports on which South Africans hugely bet? Here is a look.

1. Football


Without a doubt, football is one of the most popular sports in the world. South Africans love their football, and the national team has made its mark on the radar.

A few African players have caught massive attention from the Europeans for their skills. This has given way to bets being placed on international levels by sports enthusiasts.

The betting market for football is huge, and the options are plenty. You can not only bet on the overall game but also on various other sports, such as goals or penalties prediction.

Online live sports betting has made it possible for bets to be placed from South Africa, and the number of participants is increasing at a fast pace.

2. Rugby


Rugby has made a significant impact on South Africa. The nation now has the best team globally and has also won the World Cup three times.

It is a sport that all men, women, and children play, making it even more popular.

Most of the well-known rugby players around the world are South Africans. This factor has encouraged other African nations to take an interest in the sport and increase its popularity. Kenya, Ghana, and Namibia have strong teams themselves and could possibly become big in the sport in the coming years if they continue to progress.

The craze for rugby has been able to attract bettors to participate in the sport’s prediction, especially online.

3. Cricket


This highly popular sport has been played in the nation for a very long time now. The national cricket team is one of the best in the world and has produced some world-class players for the cricket world to cherish.

Betting on cricket has been popular for years. Here too, the betting options and online sites are plenty, making it a wide market for gamblers.

4. Golf


South Africa hosts some of the finest golf courses in the world, and many golf tournaments are played in the country. A few golf stars also come from this nation, encouraging the betting circle to indulge in the sport and place bets on the various options offered by the bookmakers.

What’s your favorite sport to bet on?


There are some world-class sports that are popular in South Africa. And now you can now pick your favorite and start placing your bets online.


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