Secrets of Successful Football Betting


Football is the most popular sport among bookmakers. Football tournaments account for about 40% of incarcerated couples. We recommend Betwinner download. Most betting beginners start with betting on football. Oddspedia will tell you in detail how and what to bet on to increase your chances of winning, and break down the most popular football betting types. We will also bring to your attention a step-by-step guide that will help you understand how to successfully bet on football.

Basic information

Any bet in a bookmaker will only work if you play wisely, know how to control your bankroll, and ideally – also use a strategy and betting system. Of course, you have to be patient – it’s no secret that you can beat the bookie only at a distance. Instant profit is what newbies are after. Most often they are left with nothing.

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What are good football bets?

Foremost, this is a publicly accessible sport, in which any bettor knows at least a little.

In addition, bookmakers place a low margin on top football matches – therefore, the player’s profit in case of a successful bet increases. Let’s not forget about the wide schedule for football matches. So, some bookmakers on football big markets (popular tournaments and matches) offer up to 1000 steam markets: starting from the classic result and ending with a bet on whether a specific player will score a goal with a head or a foot.

On the other hand, football betting can work against the bettor. Firstly, due to the huge amount of information, BC analysts have the opportunity to quickly react to changes in pre-match schedules: injuries of leading players, information about the possible contractual nature of the match, etc.

Secondly, there are very few overvalued (inflated) coefficients in football. Due to the increased popularity of betting on football, analysts pay special attention to setting quotes. Therefore, even for an experienced bettor, the chances of finding an overvalued market on big markets are practically zero.


Above, we have already touched on the topic of odds for football matches. We will repeat once again that bookmakers’ analysts very carefully set quotes for popular matches, due to which it is almost impossible to find a valui (overpriced kef). Such an opportunity appears in second-rate and less popular competitions, but there will certainly be a low limit of the maximum bet. In addition, not every bettor will be able to correctly predict, say, the 4th division of Iceland in football.

Different offices put different margins in the coefficients. Margin is the profit BC will receive regardless of the outcome of the football match. In big markets, the margin is lower, in small markets – higher. If you seriously want to beat the bookmaker at a distance, compare and analyze the odds in different offices. It would seem that there is little difference between the quotations of 1.8 and 1.85, but this is exactly what BC is counting on, laying a margin. At a distance, you will feel this difference very decently.

Tips and strategies

Experienced bettors advise using football betting strategies and systems. Intuition and luck are good, but these factors alone will not get you far. If you want to consistently win in a bookmaker office, it is highly recommended that you master one of the betting strategies and listen to the advice of experienced privateers. Oddspedia offers some simple tips for novice bettors, which nevertheless really help to make winning football bets.

Professional bettors know that there is a huge difference between odds of 1.9 and 1.95. Those who decided to make 1-2 bets and leave betting, do not bother with the search for better coefficients, because it is due to them that the player can beat the BC.

We recommend having several accounts in different offices, and when choosing an event, monitor all lines to find the best quotes. Only such a pedantic approach to the selection of coefficients will help to be in the plus at the distance.

Take advantage of negotiated and arbitrated rates. Arbitrage bets (or “forks”) in betting are called games on the difference in coefficients in different bookmakers. Bets are placed on mutually exclusive events in a sports match – wins, totals, exact score, etc. The main conditions are that there should be no more than 3 results of a sporting event in a match on which a bet is made.

Different bookmakers place different margins in the coefficients. It is on the difference of these indicators that a “fork” is formed. It is also possible that BC underestimated the sporting event and set the coefficient incorrectly – then an experienced bettor gets a chance to take advantage of this mistake.

Arbitrage betting is the most reliable betting strategy among those that provide a guaranteed profit. At the same time, no bookmaker approves of “exterminators”. If you are deducted, the account can be blocked, and the money on it can be frozen.


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