Why is PayPal a safe payment method for online casinos in South Africa?


PayPal today is one of the largest financial operators for the African continent.

Over the years, this payment service has gained the trust of millions of people, and for good reason. When you use it, you get speed, protection and a guarantee of constant updates.

People give their choice for PayPal casino south Africa because they have already tried it and do not want to switch to other similar services. 

How do I receive from PayPal?

There are several options, they will be available in your account by default.

And you can transfer to any bank, it doesn’t have to be a PayPal partner bank!

It is interesting to note that when receiving into checking or savings account, PayPal first makes a confirmation deposit, in minimal amounts, cents. So keep an eye on these receipts before you can receive into your account.

The time frame for the money to appear in your account is 5 days, this will depend on the bank you work with. And if there is any doubt about your account information, the money goes back into your PayPal wallet. Check it out: if the account is in Brazil, the transfer is free!

2 – Keep in PayPal account

If you choose this, the value stays in your PayPal Virtual Wallet and can be used to make payments and purchases. You pay your expenses and suppliers and can even transfer to another PayPal account.


Is PayPal secure? How does the seller protection system work?

PayPal has simple and fast processes to resolve outstanding payments and prevent fraud.

It is normal that some purchases are contested and reversed values, the so-called chagebacks. This happens with all stores, because it is impossible to predict everything.

But by following certain rules and requesting answers through the proper procedures, everything can be solved in the best way.


Fraudulent deposits

There is always a risk of fraud in online transactions. Therefore, it is essential to be vigilant. Analyze each request looking for strange behavior.


Here are some of them:

  • The order delivery address is in a high-risk location;
  • Changing the delivery address of the products;
  • Many orders from different customers to the same address;
  • High value orders, way above your average;
  • A large quantity purchase of the same product;
  • Strange email addresses.


Chargebacks and Disputes

The buyer of a product who thinks that there was a billing error can open a dispute directly with PayPal, or ask for their money back, the so-called chargeback, in this case by contacting the credit card company.

This can happen if your offer or product description does not correspond to reality or if it does not arrive, or even if you are charged extra.

To avoid such inconveniences, be aware of these steps:

Create contact channels with your customers, telephones, e-mails, social media, etc. Thus, before opening a dispute, he can solve everything directly with you;

Maintain a page on your website explaining your return policies;

Whenever there is a complaint or question, resolve it quickly;

Prefer to open disputes at PayPal than chargebacks with the card companies, the first option is usually faster.


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