What Is Call Monitoring?


In today’s world of technology, all of us are under constant stress – whether we realize it or not, we all have so much to do in such little time. And when you have so much on your plate, it can be hard to focus on one task at a time, especially if it requires a great deal of effort. This is where modern solutions from Selmo may come in handy. The result of not being able to get everything done can be an unmet deadline and, perhaps even more seriously, a loss of revenue.


By making sure your phone calls are recorded and that you are able to review the recordings at your leisure, you can save yourself time and stress and ultimately increase your revenues. Phone call monitoring provides a highly efficient way of staying focused and on top of your call center. It also enables you to identify any negative customer experiences or missed customer service promises and gives you the opportunity to prevent any potential loss of revenue. But what is call quality monitoring, and what can it do for your business?

Call Monitoring Technology Explained

What is call monitoring? Call monitoring, call tracking or trace technology is a type of telephony infrastructure that allows businesses to monitor and report on the incoming and outgoing phone calls made to and from a business’s internal phone network. Using call monitoring software, a company can gain insights into how their business is being run, such as how many calls they have per hour, how much they are spending on phone calls per day, who is making the most calls to/from the company, etc. The primary purpose of call monitoring is to monitor business phone calls and to obtain a comprehensive report regarding calls.


Call monitoring allows companies to monitor the phone calls that occur on their internal phone network. In some cases, the phone calls can be captured on the company’s internal PBX (private branch exchange) or on a managed IP PBX service. In either case, call monitoring solutions are typically used to report on-call activity within the company. The primary purpose of the technology is to monitor calls. Call center monitoring software is typically deployed as part of a larger telephony system, and it may be integrated with other systems, such as CRM or other customer relationship management solutions.


Call center monitoring solutions can vary from a simple “watch the calls” type to a full-fledged “phone call management” solution. A basic call monitoring system, such as an “on-call recording service,” allows a company to listen to all calls coming in and going out, along with checking the duration of each call. More sophisticated call monitoring solutions are able to capture detailed information regarding phone calls, such as who was calling, who handled it, etc.


Call monitoring can be deployed by a third party or be integrated with an enterprise business phone system. The former type of call monitoring is usually referred to as “managed call center,” and it is typically designed for companies that need call monitoring but do not require any detailed call recording functionality. The latter type of call monitoring is typically referred to as a “Business Communication Management” (BCM) solution.


Call monitoring solutions are often deployed by mid-sized businesses that want a more sophisticated solution than what the traditional, managed phone company solution offers. Call center quality monitoring software is also deployed by small-to-medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises, but the latter is the exception rather than the rule.

Why Is Call Monitoring Important?

Call monitoring is a vital part of the business. If you’re the one who’s in charge of the call monitoring process, then there are many ways to do this – from monitoring calls from a certain number that you have on speed dial to doing call logging or using software for monitoring call center. While there are several ways to go about it, the following are the main reasons why call monitoring is important in a company.

Ensures that company policy is followed

You know what your company policy is. It’s good that you do that. However, the main point to keep in mind is that not all employees will follow the policy, even when they’re supposed to. If an employee makes a call that violates your company’s policy, it’s imperative that the call is checked. Call monitoring has the power to catch such calls because you can easily find out who made the calls. And you should definitely do this in order to find out if your company policy is being followed or not.

Detects employees that violate rules

The call monitoring process will help you to find out if your employees follow the rules or if they ignore them. As long as there’s call monitoring, you will get to know whether your employees violate your rules or not. So you can then deal with them or take corrective measures.

Keeps you apprised about employee behavior

Even if you don’t see an employee for a long time, you can still be aware of what they’re doing. If a call is being monitored and you know who made it, then you can easily look into it and discover what’s going on

Detects intrusive calls

Although telephone calls are generally safe, there are various instances where unwanted calls can be made. For example, there are many people out there who are searching for business or company phone numbers in order to prank call them. This kind of call is definitely harmful, and it can impact your company’s reputation. A good call-monitoring program can help catch these malicious calls so that they can be monitored and prevented.

Detects spam calls

Spam calls can also pose a threat to your company. A majority of businesses nowadays get a lot of spam calls, so it is vital that you don’t let those people get on the phone with your customers. Not only does this make your customers annoyed, but it can cost you a lot of money. This is because a lot of these calls can be illegal and can be considered a crime. Call monitoring can help detect these kinds of calls and prevent them from happening.

Detects leaking phone numbers

It is also possible for your phone number to become available to hackers and people who have malicious intentions. You can even leak your own phone number, and you may never even know about it. Many individuals call certain numbers or use specific numbers for malicious purposes. If someone gets hold of your phone number, it may be possible for them to cause harm to your company. This is where call monitoring can really be useful. If you know that your phone number is leaking out, you can block or stop that number from leaking. This can save you a lot of money and keep your business from harm.


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