4 things you might find interesting to know about mobile slots today


Online mobile slots are by volume the most represented games on iGaming websites. Although some games go under cliché themes and characters, most players can find what they like among thousands of well-designed titles.

Whether you prefer Ancient Egypt or Greece, Wild West or China, classic fruit slots or modern futuristic designs, there is a slot for that. Aside from the wide variety of slot games in each online casino, here are some interesting facts about mobile slots today.

How does a game engine work?

The first thing to mention is that popular slots online games are not purposely rigged. Each game has accurate statistics of how much return to the player you might expect. The random number generator is industry-standard for slot games, an automated software working in the background. RNG provides the same chance for a player in the first spin and after 500 spins.

The games are tested extensively, and you can check reviews on numerous third party pages. Developers can’t influence the outcome of your spins, and complete randomization is one of the critical components in slot games.

Since slots are based on luck, you can consider statistics like frequency of additional rounds, hit frequency, and how much is ideal to bet on each spin.

There are more different types of slot games

Slot games usually have a number of rows and reels. Game mechanics can rely on fixed paylines or specific types like Megaways, where the number of possible outcomes is determined at each spin. You can play cluster slots with cascading gameplay or classic slots with winning based on the symbols on the payline.

Free spins and special feature games are something almost all slots have in common. For example, a wild symbol usually replaces all other symbols on the reels, and Scatter symbols trigger unique features in the game. Unfortunately, with so many variants of slot games, it’s impossible to list each feature.

Mobile play

Online slot games from developers like Microgaming are well-adjusted for mobile gameplay. The user interface is adjustable and ready for touchscreens. Mobile slot games run in the web browser and are protected with HTTPS encryption, so players can safely enjoy spinning the wheels. Mobile phones have security systems, and online casinos are cautious about payments.

New games are often created with a mobile-first philosophy because of the enormous increase of mobile slot users.

Higher returns than in classic casinos

Each casino house is working for profit, and most users know that. However, online slots can offer much higher returns without overhead expenses like building maintenance, huge staff, and others that come from brick ‘n’ mortar casinos.

While some land-based iGaming companies offer a return to players around 70%, slot games in online casinos vary between 94 and 97 percent of RTP. So it is significantly higher than what you would get in a traditional casino.

Again, winning combinations are determined randomly, so there are no guarantees, but the odds of winning are significantly higher.

Other important mobile slots facts

Most online slots come with a unique extra feature, and in most cases, that is a free spin round. Some games have a progressive jackpot, meaning the software takes a fraction of the best from each bet on all connected casinos, and the jackpot is becoming bigger until one of the players doesn’t win. After that, it is reset. In addition, many slot games have multipliers. For example, you can increase the multiplier each time you land a Wild symbol in some games. A higher multiplier means a more significant win when you land a winning combination.

Mobile slots today are among the top-performing games in online casinos. Convenience, great graphics, and thousands of games in each casino’s library are the biggest reasons for continued popularity.


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