5 Not So Good Sports Betting Sites In South Africa Based On Reviews

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Sports betting on the internet should be fun and less stressful due to the evolvement of technology in the present day, but South Africans are still finding it difficult to get better service from some sports betting sites.

Some betting companies in the country have been unable to make use of technology advancement into giving bettors the very best as their sites have become a torn in the flesh of bettors.

Betting sites should be able to satisfy customers needs in terms of easy account verification, cash out payment without stress, 24 hours access to customer care agent and a host of other benefits but some companies have been lagging behind when it comes to this.

Bettors have not been able to surf their sites without having headache and as per reviews from players, we’ve brought to you some of the the not so good sites in South Africa betting industry.

10Bet: Reviews from bettors surfing the site have shown that it’s not convenient placing bets on the platform as it’s not efficient and too ambiguous for users.

Betway: Apart from some of there services which are great, some bettors however, still have something to pin against them in terms of their slow response to customers complain as well as their slow withdrawal process which has not been going too well with customers.

Sporting Bet: There have been many reports of them with holding bonuses and blocking of accounts quickly and this has not been helpful to bettors.

Titan Bet: In this time of technology advancement, Bettors are still complaining about their slow payouts and even a slower customer care support.

Sun Bets: Guilty of not honouring self exclusions and license violations and ended up being fined by gambling commission.

Hopefully, with time, many of the sports betting sites will work out better ways to satisfy their customers.


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