5 ways to bet like a Pro on South African Sports Betting Sites

betting on sports
betting on sports

Learning to place bets to guarantee that you get lucky can be hard. We are sure you have heard the long phrases “just keep betting you will become good at it”, “it takes a long time to get the hang of it” and so on. Those phrases are not entirely correct. Yes, everything takes time, including sports betting in South Africa. They say practice makes perfect, we say practicing the right way makes perfect. There are a couple of techniques to imbibe to speed up your learning and your results too.

So follow closely and don’t forget to adopt these sports betting techniques. If you keep at it you will become a professional in no time rather, you will be called the “sharp” bettor.

  1. Have a fixed bankroll commitment: The biggest challenge to betting is bankroll management. Many bettors lack the emotional discipline to bet responsibly. They find it very hard to set aside some money “bankroll” and only bet on the spur of the moment. Especially if you are new to the game, you can not afford to bet all your savings. A professional bettor will set the money they can afford to lose aside to bet for the next week. They only make bets with 1%-5% of their bankroll.
  2. Always bet with your head and not your heart: A lot of South African bettors are swayed by passion and love for a team. Even when the odds and objective outlook is saying the team will lose. In sports betting there is no loyalty, don’t expect that luck and chance will look upon you with favor. If everything about your favorite team is screaming “we will lose” then take your bags and move to the next superstar team. It’s your hard-earned money on the line, by the way.
  3. Research thoroughly: This is tantamount to every successful sport betting professional. Remember how you had to read like crazy to pass that test. It’s the same with sports betting, you have to know how the system works. This article is not trying to reduce the circumstantial victories influenced by a hunch or instinct. This post is only attempting to create a sport betting success routine.
  4. Avoid the herd mentality: A nice way to say it is, don’t follow the crowd. Sports betting is an individual game system. In the south African Sports betting system, the majority does not always carry the vote. As a South African sports betting newbie, you might be convinced to adopt public opinions. Although it is completely normal to tilt towards the opinion of the community, however, you must be willing to develop your style and your mind.
  5. Beware of the Greeks and their gifts: Remember that movie where the Greeks sent a horse statue. The receiving kingdom accepted it with open arms, little did they know that enemy soldiers were hidden inside. You have got to be on your toes, many sport betting sites that lure south African bettors with unrealistic promotions and bonuses. Half the time, these websites have hidden terms and conditions that apply. Do not fret now, always run background checks on these sites. This applies to joining sport betting networks and quick sports betting courses. Sports betting is a great and rewarding enterprise. Just make sure to adopt all the techniques listed and you will not experience any of the stories that touch the heart.


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