The daunting reality of Sport Betting in South Africa

Sport Betting in South Africa
Sport Betting in South Africa

The all encompassing mystery surrounding the Sport betting industry in South Africa is largely fueled by previous bans and prohibition about the art. Now, even as sport betting has gradually been able to crawl into limelight and gained the approval of the government based on strict conditions.

It has become a tidal wave of preconceived notions and old tales of what sport betting entails. Largely funded by biased and unrealistic betting promotions from various south African companies. Many South African bettors have been drowned in the sea of fairy tale expectations, conceived from farfetched desires to leverage on government acceptance and South African Sport betting illiteracy.

It is the lack of proper sport betting education that has led to the pitfalls of many South African bettors. Popularly called ” the game of luck” Sport betting has systems and regulations that ensure wins and losses. The famous opinion of ” he got lucky” is in no standard close to the depth of Sport betting truth.

Most of the professional betters you see spend hours and weeks studying and analyzing records, reports, press releases, weather updates and economic trends to develop a winning mindset.

There is no failed man, only a failed mindset fed to obesity by adverts, the get quick syndrome and ” massive hit” ideology of sport betting.

Half the time South African Sport bettors lose money, lots of it. They could be making small wagers here and there but they lose money too. At least out of 10 games, they lose about 5. This is not because they are amateurs or lack common with, it’s purely a natural order. Because that’s what keep the sport bookmakers in business all the time.

Another notion says it is almost impossible to make real hardcore earning from sport betting. This is a common law to dissuade unsuspecting South African bettors from investing in their interest to make good money from it.

There is nothing easy way to make money off Sport betting. It requires hard work and a commitment to live accordingly. Before you make or hit it big in there, you need to learn patience. Patience is also essential to guarantee consistent success.

In conclusion betting is not a trade for losers. The preachers of zero tolerance against sport betting with messages like “Sport betting is a game for the irresponsible” is only based on traditional and cultural bias.


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