7 Things To Check Before Renting That House


You reading this either shows you are a newbie who is about to rent their first house or you don’t want to commit another mistake before moving to a new house, perhaps you are interested to get more enlightened.

Renting a house goes beyond finding a preferred place and making payment for it. There are some factors you must look out for to prevent regret.

You must know, no house owner will reveal the defect of their houses to their prospective tenant, therefore you need to be inquisitive and be sure before making that payment.

Below are some of the things to check before renting that house;

1. Check the floor, walls and ceilings for damage or stains

If it is not a new house, you need to check the floor and walls for holes, there are chances the previous tenants made tiny holes to hang their photos. You need to be sure you are satisfied with it. Also, a stained ceiling could mean a leakage from the top. Also, you need to look out for holes in the ceilings.

2. Check the windows, light and light switches

You need to check these as well to be sure they are working. This is because you don’t want to start spending on things that should already be in place before moving in.

3. Check the Kitchen and bathroom

This is very important. You need to be satisfied with the kitchen set up, you also need to know if there is no leaking pipe.

4. Check for rodents and pests

You don’t want to move into a new apartment to see that you will be sharing it with pests like bedbugs or cockroaches. Therefore,  it’s important to make sure that you’re vigilant in looking for indications of pests during the walkthrough of the rental property. Check for stains on the wall.

5. Check the neighbourhood

You need to take a survey of the neighbourhood and the kind of people that leaves there. You need to know if it is a noisy or silent one and be satisfied with it.

6. Security

This is very important. You need to ascertain how secure the house is and further security measures you can put in place.

7. Maintenance

You needed to confirm who would be in charge of the maintenance of the house after renting.


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