6 Things You Never Knew About Sports Betting Odds

football, predicting games, 6 Things You Never Knew About Sports Betting Odds

Sport betting has taken over the sporting world as new bet companies are being announced on a yearly basis just like new players are being signed every transfer window.

Arrival of new betting companies simply means more competition in the industry and this means betting odds have become one of the most priced asset when trying to play a game with specific betting companies.

Betting odds are important in every booking as a player must look into it before staking, but there are some hidden technicalities you would wish you knew, especially if your stakes have gone awry in recent weeks

1. Betting Odds are determined by the team quality

Odds placed on each team every match das are mostly placed due to the team quality and attributes and thus fans should resist from going for an odd due to the love they have for the team. This means that your love for Real Madrid, Chelsea, or whatever team that catches your fancy, must be divorced from your objective analysis of their current team quality

2. Betting Odds are determined by the team current form

Current form of each team determines how they will be placed alongside each other. And also taking a look at the team injured players to know if they are key players as they major determinant of how the game will end.

3. Home form of the team

Home Form of a team determine how they are being given their odds for the week as some team have failed to turn up in front of their fans.

4. Away Form of the team

Just like many teams have turned their home games into an away game, some team best performance are always in their opponents home and this determine the odd placed on each team.

5. Team Selection

Sometimes you get surprised when you see one of the best teams being given a big odd, this rarely occur but when it does, team selection has a role to play.

6. Competition

Sport competition varies and thus odds placed on each competition are quite different. The odds placed on individual competition, like car races, are driven by a different set of statistical projections as compared to team sports.

So when next you are considering how to place your stakes, you should try to look at the likely outcomes through the eyes of the sports betting bookmakers. As with any human endeavor, you will win some and lose some, but the goal is to win more often than you lose.


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