Best Android Apps For Lottery In South Africa


Don’t be deceived, we are in the era of technology where everyone is making use of it to benefit themselves including those involved in Betting.

Lottery has gone beyond the days of moving around streets to get your stake, as mobile applications are being invented by experts who are eager to see a new phase in the betting world.

With the use of the android application on electronic gadgets like tablet, mobile phones, computers e.t.c, lottery can now be played at a convenient time without any difficulties.

It can be played at the comfort of the bettor but having a good app is very essential as it has a role to play when one is trying to enjoy the game.

Numerous Android applications have been launched by lottery companies to enhance the industry and we’ve decided to compile a list of the ones you should be getting to have an easy ride.

1. Loterie Nationale

The Loterie Nationale app provides statistics and archives for many international and local lotteries. You can sort and apply filters to use the program more efficiently.

The statistics provide information on balls and this has been helping millions of bettors on the platform.

2. Lotto Results

Lotto Results – Mega Millions Powerball Lottery US is a new version of the lotto generator 6×45.

Starting the application is not difficult as users are just needed to click the start button. It will then pick you up a number consisting of 6 numbers in the range from 1 to 45. It also has a new feature that allows users to download lottery numbers 6 out of 45.

3. Lucky Lottery Scratchers

The Lucky Lottery Scratchers is your unique chance to radically change your whole life.

Here you get a huge jackpot. An amount that will be enough to make any of your dreams come true.

It is in this application that the biggest winnings in the history of all lotteries are recorded.

4. Lucky For Life Lottery

Lucky For Life Lottery is a lottery and casino simulator on your phone.

Here you will get a lot of different entertainment and exciting gambles.

The application Lucky For Life Lottery is very easy to use and has a lot of useful features.

5. Hoosier Lottery

The Hoosier Lottery app has tried to make lotteries as accessible and convenient as possible for all users.

After installing and running the application Hoosier Lottery you will go through a simple registration that does not take time.

6. Bravo

In the Bravo application, you can get your lucky ticket and collect any winnings.

Withdrawing funds from your wallet are possible in the same ways you enter them.

The winnings can be transferred to your bank card, electronic wallet or phone account.

7. LotteryHUB – Powerball Lottery

If you are a lottery fan, the LotteryHUB – Powerball Lottery application is for you.

In this online lottery, raffles are held every 10 minutes, without stopping, 24 hours a day. This way you can play 144 times a day.


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