7 Sport Betting Jobs In South Africa


Aside from creating passive income for bettors, the sports betting industry is doing quite well in South Africa in terms of creation of jobs for citizens.

This might not have cross the minds of bettors but the customer care agents, the social media managers, even bookmakers website are handled by South Africans.

The job creation with the help of sport bets have in one way or the other reduced the rate of employment. Like other industries, the sports bets industry has it own customers, who are the bettors and the players, who use their money to stake bets, either they win or lose, it all circulate in the industry.

Aside from creation jobs, the sport betting industry is a source of income for the government as bookmakers are expected to pay some fees to the government.

With this, we can say the sport betting industry is playing an important role in the economy.

In case you are considering a career in the sports betting industry, below are some jobs you can take up

1. Customer Care Agents

They are in charge of responding to all incoming player queries via all contact mediums including but not limited to: calls, live chat, e-mail, Social Media, WhatsApp.

2. Fraud and Risk Officer

They manage the team and provide advice to business operations to safeguard the company and its clients against fraudulent activity.

3. Sales Manager

They assist in the delivery of sales and distribution of sport content services.

4. Content and Social Media Manager

They are responsible for overseeing the implementation of content and social media strategy across multiple properties and third-party platforms.

5. Software Developer

They produce softwares that are reliable and also use the experience gained through the industry to ensure that the business risk is minimized.

6. Technology Manager

They serve as middle man between the online gaming business, IT and other technical stakeholders. They are also in charge of managing the use and application of data and technology to optimise the online operating systems and platforms.

7. Web and Graphics Designer

They are in charge of creating design solutions that have a high visual impact, consideration of company goals and that contribute to increasing conversion rates.


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