Common Misconceptions Some South African Bettors Have About Prediction Of Games

South African Bettors

South African bettors are out to make money in terms of staking bets in games, however many of them do it based on misconceptions they have had about predictions. In this way, they tend to lose their hard earn money.

Sports betting comes with tension as attention are usually placed on various ways to win at all cost.

Winning is the top priority of not just South African bettors but bettors in general. And one of the logical ways to win is through predictions of the matches correctly.

However, predictions can go wrong in cases where bettors have a misconception about his or her game whenever things are not going too well.

Below are some misconception about the prediction that doesn’t work;

1. It is impossible to profit from high odds

Misconception like this come to the mind when the game is not going the way you wish. The truth, however, is that even small odds can also disappoint when it matters most.

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You need to realize that staking a bet in high odds does not lower your chances of winning.

2. When a stake is popular, it rarely wins

This is another misconception some South African bettors have. They believe that once a stake is popular for the week then the chances of that team winning decrease. It is however not always true.

3. The time frame or Weather the games are played

Another misconception is the period the games are played. Some bettors have the conception that some team can’t win in a particular time or weather. Some believe the best time to win is when the game is played during the day time.

4. Team Jersey

This is not limited to South African bettors. Some bettors believe that a team can’t win when wearing a particular Jersey.

5. Some teams can never lose to a particular set of teams

Many bettors have this misconception that there are teams that are an easy win for their team. However, they get the shock of their life when the unexpected happens.

To avoid this kind of misconception, you need to be aware of the statistics of both teams to make a decision that will favour you.

The misconceptions listed above are not limited to South African bettors alone.


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