Top 3 Misconceptions About South African Bookmakers And Sport Betting Sites


Sports betting as a means of making money also involves money, the plain truth is no one loves to lose money.

Most South African bettors when they lose a bet see the bookmakers and sports betting sites as the ones behind their misfortune. Some tend to go as far as ditching the bookmaker for another with the belief that they were cheated.

Until you see sports betting as business itself, you will continue to have misconceptions about it.

To make money in sports betting, you need to be able to analyse the statistics, check the teams rating among others but a lot of bettors don’t do this, rather they bank on luck with the hope of winning.

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Below are some wrong misconceptions bettors have about South African Bookmakers and Sports Betting sites;

1. Bookmakers fix matches

A lot of bettors have the belief that there are some matches that are fixed by bookmakers which they can never win.

They believe there is a global bookmaker directorate that manipulates virtually every match in order to award the least possible winnings. This misconception surfaces when a big team unexpectedly loses to a very smaller team.

The truth however is that bookmakers can’t fix match. Wether you lose or you win, they make their profit. So what do they need to fix match for??

2 Bookmakers know best

Many bettors tend to have a high level of trust and faith in odds forecasted by bookmakers. But the truth is that bookmakers are humans too and are very likely to make mistakes.

3. Bookmakers will place a ban on your account if you keep winning

A lot of bettors have the misconceptions that bookmakers prefer losers to winners. Others believe if a bettor continues to win for a long period of time, bookmakers will place a limit on the account or even ban the account.

Well, the truth is no bookmaker will ban or limit the account of a bettor because they are winning too much.

The only scenario where a bookmaker can ban a bettor’s account is if they cheat.


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