Double Your Earnings With Betting sites in SA


When people talk about South Africa, they remember her rich culture, diverse ethnic groups and the love of its nationals for sports. South Africans are big on different kinds of sports. They love soccer, golf, cricket, horse racing, and tennis. And as you may have noticed, in a place where the love of sports thrives, so does gambling.

Gambling has become cool, and many people do it these days for different reasons. Some do it for the thrill, to add the extra tension that comes with watching a sports game. Some other people do it to know how it feels to stake on a game. And some people gamble to make big fat bucks.

Now that gambling has become cool, and many people do it, we must tell you this. Gamble responsibly. So how do you bet and make the big bucks from betting? You choose the best betting sites to help you stake and make the best out of your wager. To do this, you will need a List of the best betting sites in South Africa. So, let’s check them out, shall we?


List of South African Betting Sites.

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There are different betting sites in SA, and you have to get the best one if you want to make money. Apart from making money, the best gambling platforms will offer you the best informational security. In addition, you will also get offers and bonuses from these websites. Also, you will have the best experience using these gambling sites.

Essentially, these sites here should give the best betting experience. So let’s get to it.



Betwinner is a relatively new betting website that came into existence in 2018. They are not as popular as the other brands you may have heard of, but they are one of the best when it comes to sports gambling.

Betwinner hosts more than 55 sports with different bet options over 350. You can bet to win or wager that a specific event will happen in a sports match. The choice is yours. The exciting part is that the betting options aren’t limited to sports. You can stake on politics, weather and other forms of special bets.

Betwinner has the live gambling feature, which allows you to stake on a game even it has begun. Plus, withdrawal and depositing are easy. Also, you will be able to place accurate bets as the website comes with statistics. These statistics allow you to accurately predict the team’s success you want to wager on.

This platform also has a betting exchange aspect of helping you if you want to trade bets.



  • Large library of sporting activities.
  • Multiple betting markets
  • Easy cash out.
  • Has mobile apps
  • Impressive customer care.



  • Customer care is impressive but takes time.
  • Secondary bets have low odds
  • You can link it to PayPal.




Sportingbet is one of the best online platforms for your wagering activities. This platform came to being in 1997, and they have quite the prestige of a long-running institution. Through the longevity of their company, they have developed impressive customer care. Sportingbet delivers timely responses to its customers.

Sportingbet has over 46,000 bet options spread across more than 35 sports. Soccer, rugby and other sports. You name it. They’ve got it. You can also get the live betting option which allows you to bet even after the game has started. Also, you can end bets before the game ends.

You will get some exciting offers from this site, but these are not from their sporting section. Their recommendations mostly revolve around their casino platforms.

Withdrawal and depositing are easier with this platform, and your details are also secure.



  • Easy withdrawal be deposit
  • Over 46,000 gambling options
  • Great pedigree
  • Live staking opportunity
  • Personal data security



  • Customer support isn’t 24/7
  • Doesn’t accept crypto payment.

This platform is one of your best bets to using a regulated and secure platform for your gambling activities. This platform’s odds are impressive and will allow you to maximise your win potential. You don’t have to bet with large amounts to win.

Speaking of winning, you have different sports categories that will give you that win. You can bet on soccer, cricket, rugby and horses. There are other markets in these sports you can use to make your money.

You will also enjoy’s live betting advantage. So no matter that you didn’t wager before the match started, you will still be able to stake during the game.

For platforms, paying in and cashing out can be frustrating, but you can easily do both with this website. Apart from the ease, there is also security that comes with your account with them.



  • Easy to register
  • Straightforward deposit and withdrawal
  • Different bet markets
  • Multiple sports to bet on



  • Customer service can be slow
  • You can’t live stream all matches.


To bet in SA, you have to choose the right website. We have saved you the trouble by providing our list for you.


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