How Long Does It Takes To Get The Money When You Win The Lottery In South Africa ?


With the economic downturn in the country and the world at large owing to the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people have been looking for other means to add to their source of income while others are hopeful of a surprise win in terms of money.

One of the ways to win money during this period even though it is hard is through winning a lottery bet.

You need to however, know that while winning a lottery is one thing, getting the money is another issue.

Many lottery players especially the new comers might be thinking their money will get to them immediately they win, it is not usually so.

In South Africa, it takes between 6 to 12 months to get the money won from a lottery, this also depends on the amount of money won. The higher the money, the longer the period you may have to wait for.

Some people might be wondering why it is so since the money is theirs.

Well, no one is disputing the fact that the money is yours, however, the delay in payment is done in favour of the winner.

This is because depending on the amount you win, you might need a lot of time to get yourself together.

The delay in payment helps to let the media noise die down. Immediately you are announced the winner of a lottery, you somehow become a mini-celebrity and if care is not taken, you could become a center of attraction in the media which might not be what you want.

Also the delay in the payment of money won from a lottery gives you enough time to plan out how to spend the money. It is not a wise decision to collect your money with no plan in hand. This could see you spend lavishly and on things you shouldn’t.


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