How To Get A Sports Betting License In South Africa

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Sports betting history in South Africa can be traced way back to 1673 as it was restricted around that time but things have taken a new step in the modern era and sports betting have become a lucrative business.

With almost all forms of gambling now legalized in South Africa, getting a license from the government is of the utmost importance when trying to explore the betting industry.

In order not to get stressed while trying to get a Government approved license, this article will tell you the necessary steps to take as well as where to visit.

Gambling within South Africa is highly regulated and is done so by the National Gambling Board as well as the gambling board of each province.

The entire process of applying is relatively straightforward. You can apply for a national or provincial license.

A national license is generally for those applying as a manufacturer, supplier, maintenance supplier, or for those wanting to work within the gambling industry.

A provincial license is simply valid within the single province in which it was issued and is better suited to the likes of casinos among others.

Both licenses may be applied for and issued through the provincial gambling boards and can be done by visiting their website and downloading the forms.

The websites are quite easy to navigate and the entire application process will take some weeks duration which can be between three months to a year.

Below are links you can use to contact the South African Gambling Commission

1. Gauteng:

2. Western Cape:

3. Eastern Cape:

4. Free State:

5. Kwazulu Natal:

6. Mpumalanga:

7. North West:

8. Limpopo:

9. Northern Cape:

Once you are done with the process, you are on your way to starting your sports betting business with approval from the government.


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