How to Select Asoebi for Weddings and Burials


The Asoebi is a distinct style of dressing for a particular group of people and its selection must be based on its users. With the market filled with various types and classifications of asoebi fabrics, it will be quite difficult to choose the best match for your occasion. 

Whether you want to stay neutral or join the owambe group, asoebi outfits come in handy. You can decide to look different with amazing creative designs. How do you achieve this? You should think of the event you are attending and dress to suit such an event.

You cannot use a wedding design for burial in Africa, it will pitch you in the wrong lane with most people. Also, there are things you need to consider before choosing an asoebi for your wedding or burial ceremony. Remember, an important purpose of using the asoebi is to create a uniformity in the style of dressing on the day, and picking the perfect outfit will help you achieve that goal. We hope this will give you a guide on the best way to select an asoebi for any event.

Asoebi for Weddings

A very important feature at Nigerian weddings is the various styles of uniforms worn to represent the different groups of people in the ceremony. This makes it very easy to distinguish certain people from others.

The bride and groom will have a unique asoebi dress, a style that will be quite matching and relating. The bride’s female friends will also wear a distinguished asoebi with matching head wraps popularly known as “gele” complemented with accessories like beaded necklaces and earrings. The groom’s friends are not left out in this trend as they too have their unique asoebi style usually complemented with a cap, walking stick, or elephant tusk. Other guests that are spotted with the asoebi dressing include the couple’s relatives, friends, and colleagues. 

You will definitely be able to recognise the different groups of people because of their matching outfits in style, colour, and design.

This is the uniqueness and beauty of the asoebi style of dressing in wedding ceremonies.

Asoebi for Burial Ceremonies

The asoebi style of dressing in burial ceremonies is quite similar to that at weddings. However, the only variations are the style/colour of the fabric and the people who wear the asoebi.

You will also be able to easily recognize different groups of people based on the various types of asoebi dressing.

Usually, the family of the deceased wears a uniform (same type of asoebi clothing) and unique asoebi while other people such as friends, colleagues, or immediate relatives wear a distinguished dressing in all asoebi style.

In general, the best way to select the asoebi to be used for weddings, burials, or any other occasion is to identify a good style for the different groups of people that will wear the dress at the event. This will help to show uniformity and give a captivating dress code. 

You can use asoebi for several events. Whether you are a fashionista or a jean person, asoebi has a way of helping you stand out in the crowd. 


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