5 Cliches About Betting Odds You Should Avoid

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In sports betting, despite that there will always be winners and losers, every bettor aims to be among the winners and not lose in any form.

However, winning does not come on a platter of gold as bettors have to follow some guidelines which include knowing some Cliches to play the game.

There are several clichés and well-used idioms in betting which can help you and some that are more of a hindrance.

These are five betting clichés you need to avoid if you want to improve your game.

1. Betting Too Much

This is an important cliche a bettor must avoid in betting as it might lead to loss of life and property. We often see gamblers betting their life savings but this can lead to having unrealistic expectations of how much success you’re going to have.

2. Chasing Losses

Sometimes bettors are eager to win back the money they lost in the cause of betting and might end up losing more than they bargain for and this is an act that should be curbed. Sports betting has always been a game of two chances, win or lose, so it’s better a bettor quit when things are not going well than go the extra mile.

3. Relying on luck to win  Bets

Sometimes luck works when it comes to betting but it’s not something a bettor should rely on. If you think you don’t need to do your research when placing a bet, you’re unlikely to have much luck.

4. Psyching Out Other Players

One of the main cliches that have to be avoided is psyching out other players which simply means always conning other players and raking in the wins.

The central aspect of this cliché is that players play psychological games to psych out their opponents, but in real-world gambling, this wouldn’t be tolerated.

5. Stringing Bets in betting odds

A classic cliché that is often portrayed in some films is that bettors look like players stringing bets, upping one another’s bets to crazy amounts.

Of course, while this is great for the movies in terms of heightening the excitement and tension, it’s not so wise for someone placing bets on odds. Anyone who knows anything about betting should know not to be drawn in to stringing bets and fold at the right time.


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