5 Signs Your Partner Is Taking You For Granted


Building relationships comes with dedication and hard work and in most cases, the two features are always present at the early starts, however as its continue to grow, there are usually cases where one partner begins to slow things down while the other tends to even go the extra mile for the sake of the relationship.

At some point, a particular partner will realize some odd behaviours and would feel being taken for granted, in fact at this point one of the partners begins to feel they have given too much to be treated unfairly.

If you are such a partner, it is always good to be able to read the sign on the wall earlier than later as this can help you call the attention of your partner to make corrections and if they don’t make amends, you quickly move on.

Several people, however, don’t realize these signs on time, we have decided to help with that.

Below are some signs to look out for to know if your partner is taking you for granted;

1. There is a reduction in communication

At the start of every relationship, the rate at which partners communicate daily is usually very high. However, once you notice a sudden reduction in the tempo without reasonable reasons, you may want to call the attention of your partner.

2. They stop telling you everything and seeking advice from you

We tend to seek advice from people we love and important in our lives. However, if your partner stops telling you everything and seeking advice from then you are being taken for granted.

3. They don’t remember the important conversions

Their attention span with you suddenly reduces and they just don’t remember important conversations you had, you are being taken for granted.

4. They tend to be always busy

The truth is no matter how busy you are, you will create time for anything you love. So if they are always busy, do the maths.

5. They only remember you when they need something

You need to be careful about this if your partner portrays this sign as in most cases, it shows they are materialistic and only interested in you because of what they can get from you.


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