What Your Kind Of Music Says About Your Personality


One of the fastest ways, although not usually accurate to identify the personality of an individual is through the kind of music they listen to.

We all have different likes when it comes to music, a look at some people playlist will make you know the kind of music they like.

At times they might like more than one genre of music but it is rare to find someone who likes all genre of music. But who said you have to like it all??

Well, your kind of music can reveal your emotional stability, creativity, intelligence, thought, opinions, outlooks among others.

We can conclude that our kind of music also has an impact on our lives.

Below are what your kind of music say about your personality;

1. Pop

If you are a lover of Pop, there are chances you are an extrovert. You are the kind of person who would dance in public and not mind if all eyes are on you. You are outgoing.

2. Rap

Owing to the rap lines rappers drops especially hardcore rappers and their sense of dressing, you are also an extrovert. There are chances you talk fast, you also live the ‘I don’t care’ kind of lifestyle.

3. Jazz and Blues

You are very emotional if this is your kind of song. Most fans of Jazz and Blues are usually sweet lovers. They tend to cry easily. In some cases they are introverts.

4. Country Song

Probably owing to the energy that comes via the voice of the singer, fans of this genre of music tend to be outgoing, they are the kind that goes on a long road trip without finding it boring so long their favourite songs are available to entertain them.

5. Classical

Lovers of the kind of music are usually very rare. But if you do love it, it shows you are highly creative.


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