Online Casinos That Accept Bitcoins In South Africa


Over the past few years there have been changes in terms of money and we have seen the arrival of digital money known as Crypto Currency with Bitcoins being the most famous of all.

If you are a regular online casino player, you must have noticed that there are now some casinos that accepts and pays in form of bitcoins.

For those who don’t know, Bitcoin is a type of digital currency that’s created and held electronically online. Unlike the physical money like the Rands and Dollars, Bitcoins are not tangible, printed money, but exist only in the digital space.

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Like the rest of the world, South Africans are following the global trends in terms of using bitcoins.

Countries like the US, China among others have started accepting it as a means of payment. And so far the trend has continue to spread across the world.

While searching for bitcoin online casinos, you are very likely to come across two types and it is better you know the difference between them.

We have;

  • Bitcoin-only online casinos

This kind of gaming sites only allow you to pay with Bitcoin and not any other type of currency.

  • Online casinos that accept

In this case, Bitcoin is also seen as a currency of payment. It is accepted along with other regular currencies such as Rand, Dollars, Euros, among others.

You have to know that the different type of casino has different strategies when it comes to accepting the bitcoins. The best way for you to be safeguarded is to go with a casino site that is safe and regulated by the government.

Below is a list of online casinos that accept Bitcoins we came across online

1. Europa Casino

2. Springbok Casino

3. Punt Casino

4. Yebo Casino

5. Thunder Bolt online casino


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