3 Awesome South Africa Betting Blogs to Follow in 2020


Ever since betting has been legalized in South Africa, players in the industry have been trying their possible best in ensuring Bettors are being offered the best service.

From the creation of customer care services, mobile applications, bonuses and a host of other benefits, sports betting has continue to improve daily and this does not look like a trend that will be stopping anytime soon.

In a bid to make betting more enjoyable and feasible for Bettors, numerous blogs on sport have been created by parties involved in the game and we’ve decided to open your eyes to three awesome betting blogs you should be following.

Football Blogs:

Football is the most watched sport in the world as billions of people are stuck to their television set, mobile phones or computers to watch matches on a daily basis and Bettors have been taking advantage of this sector.

Numerous blogs site have been opened for Bettors as they now have the advantage of seeing statistics and fact that will help when placing a bet.

There are some Football blogs who are used to predicting outcomes of matches played across the globe with South African’s love for football, it’s an avenue Bettors should look out for.

Cricket Blogs:

South Africa is one of the world’s leading cricket-playing nations, and so betting companies have been able to make a stamp in the industry. The inventions of sport blogs have seen expert create numerous sites that have been helping Bettors make decisive decision on their bet. A lot of crickets blogs are available on the internet and it’s an opportunity for Bettors to explore.

Racing blogs

The emergence of Grand Prix motorcycle racer, Brad Bender, have opened the eyes of South African’s to racing betting.
Racing have now become a major cliche that will be an area Bettors should think of exploring as they are numerous opportunities attached to it.


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