Why The South African Sport Betting Industry Will Continue To Grow


While sports betting seems to be on the increase in South Africa, with many people embracing the new way to make money via betting, the industry is however perceived to be underdeveloped not just in South Africa but in Africa as a whole.

In the past, South Africans would stake bets via offshore sites, the same used by Americans, Australians and the likes. However, over the years, we have seen increase in betting sites within the country and there are indications it would increase in the coming years.

This means the sports betting industry is still an area that can still be tapped into with new and fresh ideas on how to do it better than the current reigning bookmakers and casinos.

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Africa as a whole has embraced sports with the likes of football, cricket and horse racing dominating the continent massively.

However, there are still rooms for other sports events to come in, this will make the sports betting even more competitive as well as creating more opportunities for bettors to stake their bets on.

Below are some of the reasons we believe the South African Sports Betting industry will continue to grow

1. South Africans Are Lovers of Sports

As the love for sports continue to grow in the country, there are high chances that people will continue to have an interest in sports betting as it creates an avenue for making money in what should be done for fun. Who doesn’t want to make money?

2. Like the rest of Africa, South Africa has a young population

The age-grade that engages in sports betting majorly are between the ages of 18 to 40. This kind of population is the market needed to grow the sports betting industry.

With this, we expect more growth in sports betting industry in the coming years.


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